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 Which diet pills are most effective?
I'm looking for a diet pill that suppresses appetite and increases my energy without causing jitters or anxiety.

I don't need comments about how diet pills don't work or ...

 What healing properties does a raw banana have?

 In Chinese Medicine - what does 'Fire Toxin' & 'Wind Damp' mean?
I'd really like a detailed explanation of this as I've read these terms used to describe the condition of Pompholyx (a type of hand eczema)


 How do you do a liver/kidney flush? Why is this helpful and at what time should you do this?

 Hi guys, what are you doing if you always can't sleep every night? but you not insomnia..?

 How to smoke dry crunchy-like weed?
How to smoke dry crunchy-like weed?
My friend recently was given 2 "nugs" of dry weed, and she was wondering how to smoke it. It is dry and when you touch it, it seems kind of crunchy. ...

 List of things to do while tripping?
What are some good things to do while tripping. Also what is some good music to listen or good movies to watch?


 reiki practitioners help....?
i just came to know that i am pregnant !!! i am reiki master @ 2 degree so i am confused should i continue giving reiki to myself , is it safe ?i feel naushea all the time... my teacher told me ...

 Would you explain the difference to me please?
What is the difference between oxycodone and oxycontin?I take oxycodone for break thru pain because I have severe chronic headache pain. If you have any suggestions other than this for my chronic ...

 Beside St.wort's John is there any other way to naturally treat depression?

 Can the medicine Concerta cause migraines?
Can the medicine Concerta cause migraines? I take 36MG and tend to take it on and off again. It gives me a bit of a headache, but not right away and not every time.

The reason why I’m ...

 In pain, gallstones. 10 points?
ok so i have had another attack of pain with gallstones, when i went for a scan 2 weeks ago i was told i have several stones moving around, well last night at half 6 i started with the pain again, i ...

 What's a good natural medicine for swelling?
My finger has been hurt and is swelling and my a doctor's prescribe me diclofenac sodium, but I hate using these chemicals.

What's a good natural medicine for internal ...

 So today I got my prescription?
As of today I have to take prozac for my anxiety and depression, and trazadon to help me with my insomnia. Can someone tell me the side effects of these medications in teenagers so I know if I did ...

 Which type of marijuana is the best and most potent?
Blackberry kush, purple dragon, or morgan hills kush?

 Heparin Sodium Injection alternative?
My wife suppose to take Heparin Sodium Injection daily 2 times. It is so painful. Do we have alternative for this injuction ? Please share some ...

 Could I do LSD at home while parents are here?
My best friend and I bought LSD and got it today. We want to do it Saturday because we're both free, but the problem is where? At my house, my parents are going to be home. My question is: could ...

 Natural remedies for anxiety?
I'm taking 40mg Prozac for depression and anxiety but for the past few days I can feel my anxiety coming back. I'll bit my nails, that lump in my throat will start to come up, my knees will ...

 Safeguard against Influenza B?
A couple of weeks ago, I had gone to a party and chugged an entire 2 liter bottle of Sprite. Two days later, everyone in my family was diagnosed by the family physician to have Influenza B, exept me! ...

 What are "Inderal 80" tablets?

there like that one in the picture but with "80" on it instead of 10.

Are they a ...

Melvyn Malibog V
Frequency of use of Fleet enemas?
Can you use Fleet enemas on a frequent basis without harm?

Pamela S
How frequent? If it's more than once a week it is very likely it will have a negative effect. I would not recommend using them ever, use a plain salt water enema from a bag will have the same effect with less harm to your body, and less painful cramping.

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