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Does smoking weed make your heart race?
just wondering and it might be bc i'm smaller. 20 year old 118 pounds...smoking makes my heart race when I get to high and than sometimes i get paranoid? I'm an occasional smoker is this normal?

Well obviously it's normal. That's why weed is illegal, because it's extremely dangerous.

Being paranoid is a side effect of cannabis that can even develop to schizophrenia, which is a mental illness that cannot be cured. It makes you hear voices, which usually tell you to commit suicide. Schizophrenia is extreme paranoia is a sad disease.

Your life can just slip away if you use it.

Bar R
and then i was bacon.

chill out jsut smoke it. your not in any danger.

NO, it is your mind that makes your heart race. You get paranoid because there are those who place snares in the paths of thine who smokie the greatest natural cure made by God.

im not sure you should ask your doctor.

Joseph T
You need to stop. Drugs are for losers

Sometimes, Just chill, it all b' 'k.

Anthony Oliver
just smoke less

Increased heart rate is a side effect.

It can be worsened by the thoughts in your head, very similar to how a panic attack affects a non high person. Just relax and maybe try using a little less than normal next time and see if it is a more comfortable experience.

Smoking weed makes your body do lots of things, heart racing included.

Paranoia is merely a state of heightened awareness.

If you feel paranoid every time you smoke then either A, stop smoking weed completely, or B smoke less (and work out your own tolerance level, everyone reacts the same when under the influence, but their optimum dosage always differ).

Well marijuana affects each person differently; of course there are many things that all people tend to experience like dry mouth and "munchies." Do you feel your heart beat rapidly when you first start to feel high? Its probably caused by your awareness that you are getting high so you notice your heart beat and your heart feels like its beating faster because you might be feeling a little anxious. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. The important thing is to be calm and know that your heart will settle down soon enough. It may seem silly but try to keep telling yourself that you're ok, this will help reassure you that there's nothing wrong and you won't get as paranoid. Hope this helps.

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