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Does green tea cause body odor?
Hi, My husband started to drink green tea 2/3 times a day about 1 month ago. He has a sour body odor now. We think its from the tea cleaning toxins out of his system. He says that he feels great, and we wanted to know if this is normal. Or should we get him to the doctors??!! Thanks, Trista

I would highly doubt it is 'cleaning toxins', that's just wishful thinking.
If it did that, wouldn't other people know of the beneficial results of drinking green tea, and therefore that it would be common knowledge of the cleaning properties, (which it isn't).
Besides, if it was cleaning out toxins, I pretty sure they wouldn't be coming out of his pores.. try some other place.

So have him stop drinking tea for a while (green, black, white, oolong--all of them. Of course herbal teas are fine.) See if the body odor subsides. If it works, you know it's the tea. If not, then off to the doctor to see what else is causing it.

There are numerous green teas (I live in China so I know) but you first must appreciate that green teas are reputed to do many things but they are not proven to do so....they make hair grow, remove freckles and other nonsensical ideas. They MAY be beneficial but perhaps coffee or cocoa will do the same...don't believe what promoters tell you....and with all the varieties of tea...about 50 or so...do you have the right one? As far as causing odor, they don't...but you could try that miracle deodorant from China that removes body odor....if you are foolish enough to waste the money...This is a lot of hype...drink green tea because you enjoy it and expect nothing else.

green tea is the best tell him not to worry
yes it's normal go to vitiamin world and ask questions

If he's losing weight he will have an oder until he reaches a 'set point' (in dieting it's called a plateau).

Green tea is reported to be a great detoxifier and even though one of the answerers indicates differently, all my research tells me it is. I do believe one can drink too much of it though which is not good.
Toxins are definitely released from skin pores - our skin is our largest breathing cell..toxins are released from various parts of the body, so that could very well be causing the odor, especially if one is very toxic.
One example of that is when a person has had too much to drink, you can often smell the alcohol coming out of the skin pores as it's being released from the body..
I believe once his body is rid of the worst toxins, the odor will subside. The first time I detoxified, my skin broke out in a rash and hives which the doctor assured me was nothing more than toxins being released through my skin pores. I had a slight odor, but it quickly dissapated once the toxins were released.

Mark F
I drink green tea and have never experienced this problem. Maybe he is full of toxins, I guess I would see if this odor stops after a few more weeks. He could stop drinking the tea and see if the odor goes away.

i think the tea is cleaning out the toxin, maybe the smell might be a while but after his body is free of toxins he shouldnt smell

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