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 medco participating pharmacys?

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 what is the health benefit of rosehip and hibiscus tea?

Does goldenseal root pills clean out your system for a drug test?
i have quit cold turkey, and have been clean for a week now.. i dont want to have to buy that stuff that cleans out your system that day.. i want something i can take now to help flush it out.. i know if i wait 30 days i will be clean but i will have to take a drug test for employment in a week so i dont have much time... i also know they test for golden seal but thats a herb and is not illegal so whos to say to me that i can't take for herbal meds?

The best way to beat a drug test is to not do drugs, and hopefully you'll fail in your effort to beat the test. As to testing for goldenseal (whatever it is), sure you can tell them you take it for herbal remedies, and they can tell you that's fine, we aren't hiring you because we found it in your system, whatever the reason you use it. They don't have to prove why you used it.

You made the decision to use the drugs; inability to be hired because of it is just a consequence of doing so.

goldenseal is tested for...not because of it's legality..but they will tell you it's found in lsd hits...so then they'll say thats what your on.
Best bet is to fess up to the use and enter a program like NA. If this is for a job...they may be okay with this, and re test you in a month or so.

There is plenty of alternatives you could try drinking stuff that makes you go pee alot like cranberry juice lots of water, it sounds gross to me but if YOU could get some vinegar half and half with water do maybe a gallon and drink about 8oz every 20 mins this will keep you going but I heard it works great. Plus you have already stopped as week ago so with this and the 2 weeks you gave yourself it has to work, you are right about them testing for golden seal though.

A theory I had thought about but never tried:(i have never had a job drug test me)

If you take the golden seal then flush it out with like I explained above...wouldnt the golden seal flush the drugs and the other anything left?

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