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Does ginger ale really settle an upset stomach?
if not, what beverage in your opinion, or that u know by fact, does?

Any soda helps becuz it is carbonated . But ginger ale is good

Yes, it works. It's the ginger in the ginger ale that calms your tummy. You could go to a health food store & buy ginger capsules for a few bucks. They work great, & are effective at stopping motion sickness & morning sickness, too.

Ginger ale is good because it's kinda calm. Meaning it's not acidic like colas are, which can agitate the stomach. Even in older days, carbonated water was used to help settle stomachs, mostly because it wasn't acidic.

But as a kid, when i was sick with flu or such, my parents would let me drink 7up, or Sprite, because the lemon-lime flavors were good and helped to soothe the stomach without causing it to vomit again.

As a regular medicine, Pepto Bismol has worked for decades to soothe stomach problems because it coats the inside of stomach, which then eases the making of acid. So pepto is also great for upset stomach.

Joe P
While you may get some benefit from Ginger ale, it would be largely due to the carbonation. Ginger does work, but there is hardly any in ginger ale. Get some powdered ginger at a health food store and just stir a quarter teaspoon into a hot cup of water. It doesn't really dissolve, just gets suspended in the water. It tastes quite peppery and really works to settle your stomach quickly and reliably. Ginger Trips are tablets to chew up when traveling on a boat, plane or car to help with travel sickness. I have found them to be helpful but not nearly as good as pure ginger as described above.

Anything gingery is good for the stomach, and ginger ale works great for me.
So does anything else carbonated, but those sometimes are too sugery and they sometimes make it worse, if your body isn't a sugar craver.

Something my family does, which seems to wrok, but some people absolutely hate hahah is jello. Warm, jello, before it hardens. Drinking it has always helped me since i was a little kid, but again, don;t try this if sugar upsets your stomach more :)

Mom *of* 4 boys
Ginger ale does help settle an upset stomach, and more so than other carbonated beverages. While you would get *some* benefit from any carbonated beverage, the ginger is known to help with nasea and upset stomach. It is best, though, to get a good brand of Ginger Ale that actually contains ginger. Some of the "ginger ales" are just flavored, and that is different - because you're not getting the benefits of the ginger. Reed's Ginger Brew is a good one. They also make a good Ginger Chew Candy that helps me with morning sickness, and my son uses it for nasea and says it works for him as well.

Yes it does.

Not only because its carbonated
but the ginger extract (i believe O.o) has some chemicals that help.

People eat ginger candy when on boats/cruises so they dont get sick

Common Sense
It has worked for me before..

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