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 Does anyone know a natural remedy to break down phlegm in a 15month old?
she has had 2 courses of antibiotics over the last 3 months but it hasn't seemed to help with her phlegm. We have her mattress elevated, rub baby Vick's on her chest, put the humidifier on ...

 i smoked a couple of bowls of 20x salvia, and i barely felt anything ?
yesterday, me and my friend bought a little vial of salvia 20x from a bong shop. we got home, took out the pipe, smoked a couple bowls, and i only felt the slightest buzz. i heard, and read that it ...

 Have you tried this cancer cure?
I know two people who cured themselves of stage four cancer using Karl Simonton's methods.
Has anyone else on here tried it?...

 Is raw apple cider vinegar good for candida, or is it full of yeast?
I have an ongoing systemic candida overgrowth, and I've read that raw apple cider vinegar kills it but when I went to the health food store to buy it, the lady there said definitely not, that...

 Is There A Natural Treatment for Incontinence?
My mother is having problem in bladder control. She is not very old. Yet this situation is causing her a lot of stress and inconvenience.I am not for stuffing her with any strong medicines. Yet I ...

 what natural products how people with cataracts?

 "B-12"...the vitamin, what is it good for?

 Flower essences or Rescue Remedy? Which natural method should i use to prevent and relieve stress?
I take care of my family because they have health problems. I feel like i have a lot of stress in my life.

Should i do something homeopathic? Use flower essences? Rescue Remedy?

 I know the cure for cancer that the FDA doesn't want you know.?
This is just ONE of the many videos I have.
Even Harvard backs it with thier studies......

 what does smokeing weed stems do to you?
i smoke them when i am out of weed. and my freinds tell me that they are bad. but i do not feel differnt smokeing them. ...

 Should i take dayquil for my tests if im sick?
Thanks, giving out best answers!...

 Anyone done a candida cleanse?
I developed candida because of using birth control pills & antibiotics at the same time :/ doc had said i'd be fine, but I wasn't. So now 4 yrs later I feel really sick, low of energy, ...

 What exactly is melatonin?
1.) What's it for?

2.) I read that it's good for short-term use, so if I decide to take it, when should I stop?

3.) Where can I get it?

4.) How much ...

 Frequency of use of Fleet enemas?
Can you use Fleet enemas on a frequent basis without harm?...

 And that British Scientist NITRAM. Whats his deal?
Another one of those save the planet scientists ?

Your opinion on recycling please....

 Possible treatment for crohn's disease?
As i am 16 i dont have the ability to go to med school yet. so for those of you in it or out of it i had a question.

In crohns disease when the subject has a blockage of the intestine ...

 A quick soothe for my throbbing feet.?
Waitress, 13 hour days. I wear very expensive shoes and they support me well, but you spend 13 hours walking around with your feet in anything, they are bound to hurt.I want to get rid of the ...

 Am i gonna be one of them??!?
Have you seen those people that have a skinny or thin waist but a fat body?? Usually men from 30 or 40 years old and up. The so called beer belly. ABOUT ME im a 17 year old guy, im 5'5, i weight ...

 Any natural remedies for joint pain?
I had a knee injury a few years ago and I almost always experience joint pain there. I'm a runner, so this is a bit of a problem...my surgeon says I'll probably need another surgery in a ...

 Tips for taking mdma for the first time?
My boyfriend is taking me to a rave tomorrow. He's rolled before but this will be my first time. I'm thinking about taking half of the capsule. Is there any tips for a first time user? Any ...

Does Upass Synthetic Urine really work?
Its made by XHALE Laboratories. Synthetic urine used for passing a drug test.

No, it is easily noticeable to any drug testing lab.

i think that if they make something like that and put it on the shelf, the labs gotta know bout 'em!

I dont not know about Upass, but i can say that i have successfully used Quick Fix in a lab pre-employment test. Make sure you buy the most recent batch, and not an old one.

Do not listen to the masses on Yahoo answers. You can use synthetic urine and pass a test. In a drug test they can not legally test the urine for DNA. The synthetic urine is exactly like real urine and it can not be known that a person is using it, unless there is a defect in the manufacturing process.

Im sorry i do not have any experience with Upass, so i can not tell you for sure if it works or not.

Good luck and make sure the urine is within 92-100 degrees when you give them the sample. They do check the temperature every time.

I would still say your best bet is a friend or family member that you know is clean.

I doubt it. Just find a close friend who's clean and will lend you their pee.

It will work if it is an "at home test". If they send it to a lab it will not work. I just lost my job because they sent it to a lab and it came back missing a certain protein every living being creates.

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