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Does GoldenSeal really clean weed out your system?

I'm gonna say you have to be really high to believe something as stupid as that!!!!

No. The best bet to clean your system out is to see a Naturopath and get your self a good liver and kidney cleansing programme. Once this is done you will need an immune boosting tonic. Weed affects the liver in most destructive way and lowers immunity as well. No quick fixes I am sorry. Give the crap up and this programme would take you around 2 months to complete. By then you should feel lots healthier.
Any further questions see the link below to my website.

Craig - Naturopath.

Mike K
A friend of mine swears by this. Go to GNC, buy something called puree-clean (not sure of the spelling but its pronounced pure-e-clean) and take the box of this herbal remedy about 30-45 minutes before the actual test. After that you wont fail. As far as golden seal is concerned, yes it can mask the urine, but they test for golden seal itself now, so your results will probably be inconclusive if you go that route.

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