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Do shrooms show up on drug tests?

it aint called drug test for nothing

Lloren Lusk
YES!. what do you think those are? ... shrooms are mushrooms... laced with drugs and chemicals. good luck :/

Depends on what they test for. If you're talking about a basic school/business drug test, then yes. If you're on parole, then they would test for it as well.
As a matter of fact, I can't imagine a scenario where someone would issue a drug test and not check for mushrooms.

I think its funny when people who don't know what they're talking about answer questions.

No, shrooms do not show up on urine tests, in order for any medical personal to detect shrooms or acid [LSD] they will have to do a spinal tap.

So unless they are going to the complete extreme to get you tested...HAVE FUN!

Joseph P
After a week, no URINE or BLOOD based drug test will diagnose psilocybin. So, make sure that within a week after taking you are not tested for drugs. Psilocybin is (unlike cannabis/marijuana) not soluble in fat. So it will NOT stay in your body for a long time.

i dont think so. if they do, it only shows up for a few days tops

sadly, but they only stay in your system for like three days.

Lynette I
What is up with people asking drug questions? It's a drug, drr...its going to show up on the test.

if they test for them, then yes.

if your asking if they show up on urine exams.
i doubt it.

it's not like bud where it's traceable in your system for weeks.

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