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Kitty Katty
Could acupuncture cure my problem with loss of taste smell?

Dr Frank
I am afraid the most recent large controlled study on acupuncture showed it to have the same placebo effect as random needle insertion, so I would not get my hopes up!

Amit K
The senses of taste and smell are intimately linked to one another. Often the loss of one will result in the loss of the other. Check out these two articles on loss of taste and smell. An I don't think acupuncture can cure your problem with loss of taste and smell.

It could. If it doesn't work, then see a CranioSacral Therapist for this issue. If that doesn't work, then see a Chiropractor. In that order. But I believe the CST will work as it is based upon the cranial nerve #7. Good luck! Oh, and it could also be diet related. Dairy coats our senses, so try cutting out all dairy products for about a week and see what happens.

Jack the Mack
No. As SkepDoc says, for acupuncture to work, there has to be an invisible force in your body called the Qi or Chi. This Qi has never been seen by any doctor ever, no scientist can detect it and acupuncturists seem to disagree about what it is and where it is. (I don't want to be too sceptical, but perhaps this is because it doesn't exist) A lot of people who think acupuncture might work, don't realise that it's based on such a bizarre and unlikely idea.

SkepDoc 2.0
Short answer, no, because acupuncture is a placebo treatment and can't actually treat or cure anything. That's not to say you wont' find people who say they "felt better" after getting acupuncture, its' just not for the reasons they think. The placebo effect has been studied alot in the last decade or so, and we now know quite a lot about it. It tends to work best with pain, and its effects are quite predictable, repeatable, and can even be blocked because we now know the neuro-hormonal pathways involved. It is also a learned response, similar to Pavlov's salivating dogs. People respond more easily to placebos with repeated exposure, which helps explain why various altmed practices with completely different (but also bizarre !) philosophies are tried. The body is truly fascinating and the mind can be tricked. Injectable placebos are more "potent" than oral placebos. Red pills are stronger than blue ones, big pills stronger than small ones. etc. Nobody has ever found chi, meridians or chakras. Not that people living in Alt Med land ever actually try. They just assume on faith it's true and carry on. Indeed, most followers of AltMed are very similar to the religious...it is all based on faith and believing...wanting to believe...and the more the evidence mounts against it, paradoxically the stronger the belief becomes because of all the emotional investment people put in it. Scientists have actually wasted a lot of their valuable time looking for chi and meridians. They've never found anything at all, not a whiff of a hint of anything. And don't' forget science can detect some pretty bizarre, you'd think impossible, things.....like the background radiation left over from the Big Bang, neutrinos and quarks,

Yes I would say so. The acupunturist would get all your respiratory system working properly which would help a great deal with tastes as 90% of tastes comes from smell. They will even give you some dietry choices to improve it too, worth ago to see what you think.

Medium Dave
more to the point, is there an acupuncture treatment for haemophilia?

Not if its due to nerve damage in the nervous systems. It may help if its due to other things like smoking etc

My wife have acupuncture, she can taste now but she still stinks

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