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 What are some good natural appetite stimulating herbs?
Don't say marijuana because I don't live in a decriminalized state but I want to move to one....

 What are some ways to meditate?
I want to start meditating. What are some good ways to meditate? What can be used to aid in meditation? And how has meditation been helpful for you?...

 Is my little bro smoking weed?
He suddenly has an odd obsession with rasta colored things and rastafarians, and him and his friend knew what a bowl was when it was referenced on mylifeisbro.com. I personally don't care if he ...

 Melatonin to help sleep?
Recently it has been very hard for me to get to sleep. I remember when before i would fall asleep and stay asleep until 11:00-12:00 in the morning. Now it's a struggle to get to sleep and stay ...

 is it normal for when you've not had a bowel movement in a few days for you stomach to get big?

 How can I know the best sleeping pills?
I can't sleep at night. I'm finding sleeping pill to help me out. Please give me your advices!...

 Question about iron intake from foods vs. supplement?
Is it better to get iron from fruits and vegetables, as well as other iron rich foods, as appose to taking a supplement? I want to just eat good, organic fruits and vegetables. I've heard ...

 Cure for over sweating?
I'm 16 yrs boy and i sweat so much from my palm. It makes so embrass when i shake hands with others with my sweaty hands. Could anybody tell me its remedy which could recover my illness. This ...

 Will I get sick if I do this?
I suffer from depression, i've been off my anti-depressants for about 4 months. Can I just get on the same meds I was on before without getting worse, or sick?...

 Question about Tramadol, I just got prescribed..?
I was on darvocet and it's off the market for now. What will it feel like if I take 200 mg's? I'm only supposed to take that much throughout the day but what if I take it all at once ...

 An alternative site to quackwatch.org?
Or somewhere I can find an alternative? Like a good search that recommends an alternative site?...

 Does apple cider vin really work?
I have several planter warts on my big toe and they are a little painful when I walk. I have had them for a little over 5 years. It started with just one and has spread to several. I have never been ...

 what's the best way to stop a sore throat?
i slept with my hair a little wet last night. i have minor irritation in my throat, how can i stop from getting a cold?...

 what herbs to take to get the water out of your feet?
maybe i eat to much salt....

 am i okay to quit xanax cold turkey?
been takin it 6 months straight with no prescription i have none left... the last 3 days i been takin only .5mg a day which is a peach.. i was takin 1-2mg a day for a while... i dont think i will ...

 What muscle relaxer would work best?
Ok! I've had a Spinal Stinoses Lumbar and some other very long words operation last year. I've been taking Norco for my pain in my back. I'm tired of taking Norco because it gets me ...

 Fast throat pain cure!?
I seem to have a canker sore on the back of my uvula, and on the sides od my throat, it is unbearably painful to swallow both liquid and solids, like swallowing mouthfuls of glass. I quit smoking ...

 Has anyone ever heard of sweating out a hangover?
Am I the only one who just feels worse if I sit around and do nothing while having a hangover?...

 Good Legal Highs, what products?
ive looked on the internet, and i was wondering what the best legal high is,...

 What can i do to have good chi?
I've heard things like having my bed face my door. Stuff like that. Thanks for your help!!!!!...

Can you smoke pixie stix?
i was wondering if you could like pour pixie stix into like a blunt wrapper and smoke it? Could you get high off it? Would the smoke taste good?

It probably won't even smoke, as it's basically sugar. It'll just melt and burn your fingers. Don't snort it either. All it will do is change the color of you snot. And if you're thinking of different ways to get high off of household items, you need a hobby.

1) that paper straw is filled with flavored sugar. Heat sugar and it melts and turns to liquid. Hot liquid on your lip will burn bad. If you have ever smelled burnt sugar then you know the smoke from it will prob have you barfing for a min. If you try it plz let me know the outcome.

are u retarded or just really unexperienced?

You can smoke anything. It wouldnt really do anything but fill your lungs with pixie dust. Im not sure it would taste good because you would be smoking it

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