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Can I use tracing paper or coffee filters to roll weed?
I'm only 17 so I can't buy papers yet, and I don't see my supplier often. So I was thinking about using tracing paper or a coffee filter (preferably tracing paper). Anyway, if one of these two actually work, do I roll it like a regular joint, and how do I make it stick? I was thinking about using pancake syrup at the edge to make it stick. What do you think? And will it work?

....wow. Just simply wow.

Jessica J
I don't smoke, but I have friends who would scrape the foil off of gum wrappers and use that paper.

Things you can use:
Tracing paper will burn too fast.

β–β–€β–€β–²β–€β–€β–Œ β–Ίβ–‘β˜Όβ–‘β—„ β–β–„β–„β–²β–„β–„β–Œ
I'd say none. There to thick for smoking papers. Just make a pipe out of an apple.


DONT DO THIS. Those papers are not ment to be smoked from and can have dangerous chemicals to them. Make an apple pipe, or never make a soda can pipe you get the ink fumes and plastic fumes from the inside lining of the can.

Rolling with a dollar bill is the dumbest thing ive herd.

i doubt thatd work, but joints burn the weed WAY too fast. pipes and bongs are the best (behind vaporizer). to make a simple pipe just get a can, put an indent in the side, poke some holes, put a hole in the side for the carb, and smoke. works like a charm. my explanation probably made no sense so just google "how to make a can pipe"

Why not, you won't know if you don't try it. I dare ya... And I guess the weed won't be any wiser. Keep it simple, I would have used sticky tape, stuff the taste. I think the coffee paper may work better. What about several layers of tissue or toilet paper? Think outside the square. And you could always use something like a coke can. Luck guys.

the easiest way to make a pipe is to tightly roll foil around a pen, then take the rolled up foil off the pen so the foil looks like a tube. now make a bowl on one end by pinching the foil together towards the end. this works much better than using a can. or if your parents smoke you can tak a cigarette and pick the tobacco out and fill it with weed.

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