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 Does eating marijuana kill brain cells?
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 Vision-Eyesight problem help me pls?
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what cigarettes r the best 4 u health wise?...

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 Where do you buy wheatgrass?
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 Which entheogen should i start with?
Here some pointers about me before you answer
-I've only ever smoked cannabis
- I'm a quite anxious/nervous person.
- I get paranoid easy.
- I fear taking MDMA (so ...

 How much Nyquil to get a nice buzz?
...or dayquil..I just want to get a good buzz but not totally trip out or OD..and plz dont tell me not to do this cuz im gunna do it anyway...and if anyone has had any experiences with it i would ...

 Has anyone ever smoked the White Widow Herbal Incense?
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 Have any home remedies for the Flu?
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 What kind of pill could this be?
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 Is there a alternative medicine to insulin for diabetes?

 i am taking now serenity pills gaia herbs?
how will i know if its working for me? will it take time to get into my system?
is it fast acting,, i want my symtoms to go away so when i am alone i wont be so moody
and not like being ...

 Which drug would you choose cocaine or hydrocodones?

 Help! Really bad sore throat!?
i have had a terrible sore throat for the past few days. My whole throat is red & it hurts to swallow anything. I haven't eaten in 2 days because i can't swallow. i take Delsym & it ...

 Does Exstacy make you Instantly thin?
I know you burn more calories, but my friend took exstacy(again) and i swear to god she instantly got thinner, is this possible?...

Can I drink Kava Kava while taking a beta-blocker?
I tried kava in the past for anxiety/insomnia with GREAT success. I had forgotten about it since recently, and was prescribed Atenolol (Tenormin) 50mg once per day for anxiety symptoms- Namely fast heart rate.

My question is, is it safe to combine a beta-blocker at that dosage with fresh, ground Kava root? I intend to order a 4 oz bag of freshly ground root to mix into a drink, which is what I did last time.

My reason is, even though the beta-blocker helps with the symptoms, I still have problems with anxiety at night, which makes it hard to fall asleep.

I also take 20mg of Celexa daily, and I know you aren't supposed to combine SSRI's with Kava, because it can increase drowsiness, but the last time I took kava, I was on Zoloft 30mg and I had no problem.

My main concern is the interaction with the beta blocker.

If anyone has any info on this combination, or even a source about it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

God bless,


Devan Clark
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