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 Sympothetic chain blocks? any one had one?
Tomorrow I am meeting with a pain management specialist to schedule mine and I'm scared out of my mind! I have severe RSD, and am so affraid it is going to hurt so badley as the needle they use ...

 can iron dietary supplement tablets cause a dark stool?
I have noticed a darker stool since taking these for a few days....

 Is it okay to give children half a dose of Adult's Robitussin cough syrup?
My dad insists that it's okay to give half a dose to my little sisters, 7 and 10 years old. On the box, it says that the you have to be atleast 12 years old....

 what states allow herbal incense?
just want to make sure what types i can purchase and smoke legally in madison ...

 best way 2 fake sick.?
help mee!!!! and i will love ur ever and do whatever u want no jokee....

 iRenew Bracelets and similar products....bull?
I'm seeing all kinds of bracelets now and even dog tags that claim to give you increased balance, strength, coordination, sleep, etc. and I'm just not seeing how that's possible. It...

 Can you get high by smoking nutmeg?

 with the copper u gain wight?
i have the copper i gain wight 25lb ...

 cold remedy for 3 month old?

 How long does it take for internal bleeding to start after someone overdosed on iron pills?
i have a friend who overdosed on iron pills two days ago and now she is experiencing nausea and black stools. i researched it and they said it is internal bleeding, my question is does it happen that ...

 magnesium for crohn's?
hi i was reading somewhere that magneseum supplements can help you with your digestive track and bowel movements if you have crohn's and i was wondering what kind of magnesium supplements should ...

 What is the "placebo" response?
I have to write a brief statement regarding this question for my Holistic Health class. The whole question is "what is the the placebo response and how does it relate to Complementary/A...

 Height problem? diet vs growth hormone etc?
male,final year engineering student,age 22, body weight 80 kg and height 5.10.in
want height to grow till 6.1 or 6.2 inches.
or can i take growth hormone of eli-lilly (germany)? or do the ...

 any natural ways to clean my lungs?
about 1 year of smoking made a difference in my lung capacity and i can really feel it taking deep breathes,any natural ways,that donst involve going to the doctor or taking pills or ...

 Would soaking your feet in vinegar and/or salt water kill foot fungus?
if not, art there any other "natural cures"...

 does LSD have any medical benefits?

 If you just get cocaine just pure coca leaves in it nothing else, is it dangerous too?
I would imagine it not since it's natural... nothing added to it, only coca ...

 What is a quick and simple home remedy for a cough and/or stuffy nose?
I caught a cold and can't sleep because I'm coughing too much and can't breathe. I tried hot cider (I didn't have any tea), a hot shower, and lots of water but it doesn't ...

 What's a quick and effective remedy for a scratched throat?
I was just eating tortilla chips and hot sauce when I swallowed wrong and a big piece of chip got stuck in my throat. I had to swallow hard several times before it finally went down, but it scratched ...

 I couldn't resist, I binge ate...?
I binge ate a bunch of almonds and raisins.. They were just soo freakin good. I don't know why but I always crave fats, and raisins go really good with almonds. And I was having a really bad day ...

Advantages and disadvantages of rectal suppository?
Advantages and disadvantages of rectal suppository?

Advantages: It makes it seem like it is real medicine.
Disadvantages: It probably isn't real medicine.

Jimbo Halls
Advantage: Alleviates constipation
Disadvantage:You are shoving a foreign object in your ***

For what?

advantage is relif and disadvantage is a sore a**.

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