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 is there an over the counter medication to take for rsl?

 there is there are no verbo haver?

 Why am I allergic to catfish?
When i am arround while it is cooking: i get bumps on my face and they itch and then i start sneezing

When i touch raw catfish: i swell up and my eyes itch and my face itches and swell

 sulpha allergy?
I've just started avoiding personal care products containing "sodium <middle word varies> sulphate" because it's a toxin. It got me wondering though, since I'm ...

 What are these weird reddish bumps on my hands?
I think they're spreading down my arms. I also have a sore throat(if that's related).They sting and itch when they touch anything....

 what is iodine paint or Mandl's paint or throat paint?

 What sort of food allergy is a flaky face under the eyes, sometimes with redness above the brow?
I have Celiac's, but this seems to be apart from that. My Derm H. is all down on my shins. Can it be to chicken, or eggs? Does soy cause this reaction? Or should I just expect tightening of ...

 If you are Celiac, and must avoid gluten, are there foods that PLEASE the Small Intestine?
Aloe is said to be so in Hawaii, for example? Any experiences?...

 how can is stop my running nose and water eyes?
i feel kinda sick wat medicine or method should i ...

 Should I avoid PORK as a Celicac? Is allergy to chicken the same rash reaction?
Anyone know if Dujon mustard is gluten free? How about SPAM?...

 Rush immunotherapy?
I was wondering if anyone had experience with rush immunotherapy for allergy shots. How does it to compare to regular immunotherapy, and is it better?
The shots I'll be getting will be ...

 i'm experiencing some allergies since past one year...?
i tend to develop rashes over my calf and some parts on my legs..
some times near socks lining as well.
and sometimes i experience inflammation under wrist watch or any accesory i wear.....<...

 if you work with someone who has a sinus infection, can you catch it?

 Consequences Of apple cider vinegar cleanser?Please Help!?
About 2 days ago i ran out of facial cleanser and found out that if u mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water, then put it on your face and wash it removes makeup and cleans your skin. I did ...

 THANK YOU to all who replied to my crazy itching question?

 Can someone have something done to them to where they are not allergic to something like milk?
I know someone that is deadly allergic to milk and I was just wondering can they have something done to them to where they can have it?...

 if some one is allergic to aspirin, why it can not use advil?
if you can explain it in a very profesional way it would be ...

 Chemical sensitivity?
I get headaches amongst other symptoms when exposed to petroleum products and anything scented. Anyone who has this problem or know of someone who does...it's very debilitating since there'...

 Help! I have auditions for a musical at the local community theater in less than 2 weeks and have a problem!?
I am auditioning for a musical at my local community theater and I have come down with a case of allergies complete with stuffy nose, draining and a scratchy voice due to trying to cough up phlem. (...

 does the RX Antivert show the same chemicals found in meth?

what will happen if one person swallowed mercury accidentely, will it can be in any way a cause for a death?
i want to know its reactions on human body.will it be fatal.after how much time the symptoms will be seen

why do you want to know?.....eat some lately?

@...mercury is very poisonous 2 humans...take 1st aid as fast as u can if u happens 2 swallow it or it will be faital even cause death

P. M
Man years ago i swallowed some metallic mercury -- grade 6, stupid friends, don't ask how -- and I am still all right, I swear! (You might want to check with my wife) Anyway, I went to the emerg and was told that it would likely pass through my system, especially if the amount was small. The fumes from a larger volume might cause problems, but it is unlikely.

Chemical compounds of mercury are often toxic..although small quantities of them (for example, thimerosol) are sometimes used for preservatives on substances people might ingest.

I suggest you check with a poison control centre, just to make sure.

Unfortunately, people swallow mercury all the time when they eat fish. Fish that are being caught in the ocean are being tested for higher and higher levels of mercury. No one knows how this effects the human body over time.

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