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 Anyone else out there allergic to chicken or turkey?
Chicken and turkey make me very sick; my mother is allergic also....

 Is Clarinex worth the $112..Clarinex users recommendations?
I have taken all the allergy meds out there and I am still not doing so well this season. I have a raging headache (3 days now) and have sneezed so much its making me dilerious all this and I am on ...

 What is an atopic condition? Is it best described as hyper sensitivity? What are symptoms and cures?

 How common is food allergy that is triggered by exercise?
I am having a hard time finding information on allergy related to exercise and how to treat them, although it is apparently not that uncommon.

For example, some people (including myself) ...

 Is scabies contagious after being medicated?

 Is there a holistic or home remedy I can use to reduce my allergy symptoms before my medicine kicks in?
When I have an allergy attack I take an anti-histamine, but that takes 30 minutes to kick in. Is there a way to make this 30 minutes more bearable?...

 is there any relationship between post nasal drip(PND) and digestive problems?
i have PND for four years and i am also facing digestive problems like burning and indigestion....

 Anyone have headaches or dizzy spells from allergy meds?
Have used Claritin for years with no problems. Now unbearable dizzy spells and headaches. I have been taking Lipitor as well for the last 6 months. I am 34 years old. Any suggestions??...

 Is a sore on the Vocal Cord 2 weeks long considered strep throat?
It feels like I have something stuck in there. Ands i looked and there's a dark red sore on there. My mucus is semi-green/yellow which means I have a sort of an infection. I do feel tired at ...

 What over-the-counter medication is there to help people who have slight asthma with allergies?
Sometimes I have slight asthma, but I believe that much of it is related to my allergy problem with mold, mildew, dust, weeds, etc. I have to take benadryl about everyday, and I sometimes get ...

 Has anybody heard about using Fish Oil (Omega-3) supplements for seasonal allergies? Do they work?

 Getting hives from tanning , do not use any lotions.?
Also getting headaches & itchy when outside. Saw an allergist. Did some testing, nothing positive. I have tanned for years & no problems. Any ideas?? I would like to tan again....

 I'm on a v.low fat diet due to gall bladder probs. I also have a wheat & peanut allergy and IBS. Eating out?
I'm a little bit sick of cooking for myself :) I'm on holidays and would like to just once be able to go out to a restaurant with my partner and order something I know won't make me ...

 what is sulbactam?

 How do I know if I'm Allergic to cats?
As a child I had cats off and on and dogs but never had a problem. Since I adopted my little kitten it seems I'm always sneezing. Maybe I've developed an allergy to pollen maybe to the ...

 what are allergies and intolerances ?

 allergy colds?
I've been experiencing a cold that doesn't seem to go away. It started last week with the runny nose and the sore throat. I took Nyquill, and that made it worse (or better). Now, my cold ...

 what would the symptoms be if my infant were allergic to iron?
My child spits up a TON...he always has since day one...He is now 8 months old. He has had his upper GI tract looked at and it was all normal. Could he be allergic to iron? The spitting up has ...

 what is the % of people who take ranitidine (zantac) 150 mg tablets, who have an allergic reaction to it? Cath
I know allergic reactions are rare with zantac but glaxo smith kline the makers of zantac wouldn't tell me. They said my Dr. could call and find out but i know my Dr. is too busy to call them ...

 If I have an allergy to Iodine, does that mean I can't take vitamins that contain iodine?

what is xenobiotics?

A definition in the dictionary for xenobiotic is :
foreign to body: used to describe a chemical compound, for example a drug or pesticide, that is foreign to the body of a living organism
Hope that helped!

I๓ρєяเãl ãяc° ™
A xenobiotic is a chemical which is found in an organism but which is not normally produced or expected to be present in it. It can also cover substances which are present in much higher concentrations than are usual.

For example, drugs such as antibiotics are human xenobiotics because the human body does not produce them itself nor would they be expected to be present as part of a normal diet. However, the term is usually used in the context of pollutants such as dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls and their effect on the biota.

The body gets rid of xenobiotics by xenobiotic metabolism. This consists of the deactivation and the secretion of xenobiotics, and happens mostly at the liver. Secretion routes are urine, faeces, breath and sweat. Hepatic enzymes are responsible for the metabolism of xenobiotics, by first activating them (oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis and/or hydration of the xenobiotic) and then conjugating the active secondary metabolite with glucuronic or sulphuric acid, or glutathione, followed by excretion in bile or urine. An example of a group of enzymes involved in xenobiotic metabolism is the hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450s.

Enzymes that metabolize xenobiotics are very important for the pharmaceutical industry, as they are responsible for the breakdown of drugs.

The term xenobiotic is also used to refer to organs transplanted from one species to another. For example, some researchers hope that hearts and other organs could be transplanted from pigs to humans. Many people die every year whose lives could have been saved if a critical organ had been available for transplant. Kidneys are currently the most commonly transplanted organ. Xenobiotic organs would need to be developed in such a way that they would not be rejected by the immune system. With the development of vitrification transplantable organs could be stored in organ banks for long periods.

Xenobiotic substances are becoming an increasingly large problem in Sewage Treatment systems, since they are relatively new substances and are very difficult to categorize. Antibiotics, for example, were derived from plants originally, and so mimic naturally occurring substances. This, along with the natural monopoly nature of municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants makes it nearly impossible to remove this new pollutant load.

This site has the answer.

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