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 My sinus / nose...?
I always seemed to have a stuffed nose...not sick, and I don't think it's alergies either...it's not really runny or anything, just feels like I have something stuck up there..I can ...

 does diabes makes hands swollen and red?

 Zyrtec heavy headed feeling?
I am taking Zyrtec and I have a very heavy headed ,tired feeling I just don't want to do anything, anyone else have these side affects on Zyrtec?...

 German Shepard skin problems?
We have a 2 year old German Shepard . She is on frontline , but she scratches and itches and bites herself constantly. Her hair is falling out , ( I am guessing from scratching so much) her skin is ...

 why does it help me sneeze by looking at the sun or a bright light?

 About 3 months ago, I became addicted to Afrin. I had never had serious alergies before, but since then.....?
It just seems like I use more and more Afrin and my congestion never goes away. Well, I stopped using it all together several days ago, and I am only doing a saline rinse twice a day. I still feel ...

 Egg Allergy?
Recently (within the past 2 years or so) i have found that every time i eat egg my stomach bloats/swells pretty badly,

and i also have rashs on my legs wich flame up pretty badly aswell. T...

 Asthma medications stunting growth!!!!?
My best freind has asthma! She is 13 years old and is as small as a 8 or 9 year old!! Im not exagerating! her doctors tell her that her asthma medication is stunting her growth. Is there any possible ...

 How can I loosen up the mucus in my chest?
I have horrible chest congestion and my throat hurts very badly, what can i do to cough up this mucus easier?...

 Which " Free and Clear" laundry detergent is best?
I just found out I am allergic to regular detergents, but I have heard some bad reviews about different brands still causing reaction. Please help?...

 ER won't test my blood?
For the past 3-4 years, I've been having severe allergic reactions about every 6 months. It starts with some itching (ears & eyes), proceeds to my eyes swelling shut, and then it becomes ...

 im allergic to milk..how can i help my nails grow?
so i cant have milk.
so how can i make my nails grow?
and also make them strong because they always bend and break....

 every time i sneeze my nose bleeds.?
what should i do. My allergies are out of con troll....

 Is there anyone else like me?Do you have a starch allergy?
I have a starch allergy that when I eat it my throat feels like it closes up.I start to have problems breathing. I can only eat wheat and brown rice.I have never heard of anyone having this problem ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to a hypoallergenic dog?
Some source websites would help.


 Glucose Tolerance Results?
I have an appointment with my dr. tomarrow, but the nurse called with my Glucose Tolerance Results. They are as follows:

Fasting- 75
1 hours after Glucose Drink- 127
2 hours ...

 When do you find out allergies?
At what age do you normally find out if your baby has any food allergies? And do food allergies tend to be genetic?...

 What is the best pillow to use for a person with allergies?
I've got really bad hay-fever and allergies, can anyone recommend a good pillow that might help me to get a better nights sleep?...

 Can you be alergic to mosquito bites?
i was outside alot last night and i got 2 mosquito bites. the next day they both swelled up to almost the size of a half dollar. they itch and they hurt. could i be alergic to mosquito bites? is it ...

 Why am I getting hives if I didn't have any gluten?
All I have eaten today was Cinnamon Applesauce and a Sandwich. I got the hives before I ate the sandwich....

what does a sinus infection feel like?

your whole head feels clogged, sore throat, ears, runny/blocked nose, flemmy, headaches etc.
i have the flu at the moment its the worst.

your head will hurt really bad especially around your sinuses and your throat will feel really sore.

to tell ya the truth...........
I agree with all these answers :)
I always feel a stinging sensation.
put your thumb and baby finger on either side of your outside eye sockets. everywhere your hand touches might sting or ache. now sit down and quickly dump your head almost to the floor and pick it back up. Did that make you want to kill me for suggesting that?? It did?? then you have a sinus infection and I am glad I am clear over here and you can't get me !
Go to the Dr and get an antibiotic and some over the counter sudafed...that one is behind the pharmacy and you have to ask for it and sign for it.

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