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 Can I be allergic to goat milk but not cow's?
I have started drinking goat milk lately and I keep feeling like I swallowed a basketball :P It only happens with goat milk not cow. Any ideas? Thanks!...

 Allergic reaction to tattoo? Help!?
The other day I got a really bad reaction. Not sure to what. But my tattoos are starting to raise and stuff. But I got these tattoos over several years, and have not gotten one in a year and a half. I...

 I am having hives, a stuffy nose, and feel like I'm going to barf?
I am having hives on my face, my nose is stuffy, and every few minutes I swallow and it tastes like barf. Whats wrong with me?...

 Dog dandruff...Can this really be allergies?
We have a one year old Old English sheepdog with the worst dandruff. It's all along his back. We've been to the vet multiple times (we're in the UK, and I'm sorry to say I find ...

 i have a really bad eye allergy. i can,t take medicines because i am pregnent what shall i do to treat it ?

 Can a person be allergic to one...?
Can a person be allergic to one type of dog and not others?...

 Can I be allergic to beer & wine?
Whenever I drink beer or wine, my stomach is not accepting any food for 2 days, I'm vomiting all the time and ending up in hospital. And I'm talking about less than a glass of beer or wine. ...

 Give me some advice about viginal problem.. ASAP...?
i f*ng*r*d my girl friend 2 days ago, then suddenly after she takes a pee in the toilet.. she told me that it hurts when peeing, the next day the problem still occurs, then later on it still occurs ...

 Please help! If a person is lactose intolerant and cannot digest soy milk either are there any other options?
I'm freaking out a little bit..My 2 year old daughter is allergic to milk. She couldn't drink milk or soy based formula when she was a baby, she had to be put on protein based formula. The ...

 can i take sudafed and flonase?
my nose has been stuffy for the past two months and its not getting any better. i went to the dr and she said to take sudafed. it helps but its not relieving the pressure and my nose and throat is ...

 Allergic reaction to sleeping pills?
I recently started taking a sleeping pill (Sleep Eze) but, I have only taken it a few times, and only every other day or two. About two days later, I started developing a rash. I read in various ...

 cant get rid of them!!!!?
i have a problem with my cats..i have three...two that are like 13 wks old...and my oldest (even though shes not old at all) thats 1yr old...i have a HUGE problem with fleas...i cant get rid of them!!...

 cough and cold?
Hi, I am suffering from cold and cough.cough is from many days.starting from this winter season.i have allergy.i took many medicine.But i did not get relief.Please tell me a ...

 What's The Best Way To Scratch The Inside Of Your Nose When It Itches!?
My Nose Always Itches But When I Scratch It, It Gets Sore!...

 Why is it coming out red/bloody?
So Im a teen, to start off. A few months ago, I went to the bathroom and my urine came out red/bloody. I thought nothing of it really just because that was the first time it happened. But its been ...

 i ate so much i feel sick? what to do.?
I feel like Im about to throw up, and i have acid reflex. My stomach is BLOATED, what to do? Im 15 years old, I just ate salad, 2 pizzas, and deserrt. IM ABOUT TO KILL MYSELF Not literally... lol ...

 I constantly have to blow my nose.?
Some days LITERALLY every minute i must blow my nose and some yellow sticky mucus comes out. I also have nasal congestion when i go to bed and when i wake up in the morning. Sometimes when i wake up ...

 What are you allergic to when you have allergies in the spring?
Is it just pollen? I have severe allergies in the spring. My eyes itchy, watery, stuffy nose, the whole package. My doc gives me samples for presciption xyzal. What is it that I'm allergic to???...

 Am i having a allergic reaction to something?
I took a shower and my skin burns and its kinda blotchy and really hurts what should i do. Also its where my work uniform touches my skin ...

i just got a nose bleed and the blood just keeps flowing keeps fllowing away i stuck a tissuei n my nose for right now until you guys tell me what to do. last time was in like march or something but ...

puppy's face is swollen?
My new puppy's face got swollen, I have no clue why.

Tonya S
take him to the vet that happened to my cat and it was because he eat a spider and it bit him on the way down which was causing his face to swell and the vet said that if i hadn't taken him his throat would have swollen up as well and he wouldn't be able to breath. so on the off chance that this is what happened to your puppy or if its something similar your best bet is definitely your vet. (that rhyme was totally unintentional.)

VET now !

Peggy N
Did he get his shots? It could be a reaction to the shot, my pet chihuahua had the same problem. Call your vet and he may recommend benedryl.

May! =)
the vet

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