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 Really bad animal allergy, friend has pets?
I have to visit a family friend, and they have a dog and a cat. I'm really allergic, like I sneeze nonstop when I'm in the same room as one. What can I do. Allergy meds legit don't ...

 Why does food make me feel sick?
For the past couple of weeks every time I thought about food it's made me feel sick. When I look at food or eat it. I suddenly start to feel sick.
I'm also forcing my self to eat.

 Lactose intolerance question ?
I think i may have lactose intolerance. I was just wondering, people who have or know about lactose intolerance could give me some info ie
What symptoms did you have to know you had lactose ...

 my nose is burning real bad?
when i breathe in and out of my nose, it burns. it hurts a little too swallow too. any help? :)...

 Why do I want chocolate so badly?
I have been absolutely craving chocolate for the last week.
I really cant stand how bad I want chocolate. I am in the middle of making no-bake chocolate cookies. Its really irritating that I ...

 Will Vicks Vaporub work for allergies?
I think my 3 year old may have some seasonal allergies. Just wondering if Vicks Vaporub will work for his ...

 Stuffy nose all the time. Can't breath. What could help me breath? Thanks.?

 foods that give you diarrhea?
i want to bunk ...

 Good remedies for allergies?
I have bad (environmental) allergies in the fall and spring. i sneeze a lot, my eyes swell, and my nose runs. especially at my moms where there is dust and a dog. not fun. allergy pills dont seem to ...

 why is my face swollen?
hi everyone,
recently iv noticed that my face is a bit swollen, and everyones noticed it. i dont know if its because iv gained weight, i used to weigh 42 kg and i noticed that my face was ...

 How do I test to see if I have mold or mildew in my apartment.out ,?
I had water leak through my ceiling awhile back, now I do a lot of sneezing and get plugged up all the time , I think i have mold or something . I do not know who test this out , I certainly cant. My ...

 Do i have a gluten intolerance?
everytime i eat bread i get bloated uncomfortable, and gassy it is not the fiber in it cause if i eat an large apple and a salad which have the same fiber grams if not more i do not bloat at all. P...

 Is living near the ocean good for allergies?
My grandpa said breezes off the ocean blow pollen and pollutants inland and the moist sea air has sort of a saline spray effect. Is there any truth behind this? They used to tell people with bad ...

 Am I allergic to Banana's (sp?)?
Every time I eat one, my stomach hurts really bad. And I get these horrible headaches. Am I allergic?...

 We just got 2 cats, our child is showing signs of allergies?
Our son has never shown any signs of illness from the day he was born, we can honestly say that our son has been a healthy boy. We adopted two cats that have a wonderful history with children, they&#...

 allergy to honey dew melon symptoms?

 can i use regular water for cleaning sinus?
I wanna do it...I don't know if I have any problems...but inside my nose bothers me...I wanna clean it, I ...

 Is it allergies or something else?
When my family goes to sleep at night we wake up sniffling and trying to catch our breaths, especially if the fans and air are not on. I feel stuffy, and so do my husband and 4 year old son. We live ...

 How do you cure dizziness and vomiting from a antibiotic?
I had stitches on Friday and they gave me antibiotics as well as a precautionary. Im suppose to take 4 a day. so far ive only taken 2. both times it kept me up all night and during the day with ...

 Could this have caused my sore throat?
Saturday afternoon I got REALLY mad at my friend to the point I chased him around town on my bike, enough said on that subject. So I chased him and by the time I got about halfway through town it ...

numb tongue from eating grapes?
When I eat grapes my tongue gets numb, I want to know if this means I'm allergic to them.

probably...i would stop eating anything that made my tongue numb, unless i was about to get it pierced lol...but seriously your doctor can test you and let you know for sure

It's likely just to be the acids in the grapes. You could have an allergy but if it ONLY makes your tongue numb, it's nothing serious. It would happen with other fruits as well such as kiwi's. It's very common though and unless other symptoms arise, don't worry.


you might be or just the stuff they spray on it. My sister brakes out with little bumps on the roof of her mouth when she eat apples, but if we peel the skin off the apple...shes find. You could look in to having an allergy test done.

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