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 can a food allergy cause excessive sweating tin the groin area??....could it be caffeine issue...ever heard of?
have been sweating in groin 24 hours a day....for over year now....trying to figure it out....wonderif i have developed food ...

 Help for a sore throat?
I have a terrible sore throat, from my allergies.
I went to a corn maze last night, haha
But anyway, i don't have benedryl or anything.
Any suggestions?

 Why is my right nostril always blocked at night? Can anyone please tell me WHY? haha its driving me crazy!?
Im not in any pain just a little uncomfortable, i dont really notice it during the day as i go about my buisness but at night only my right nostril gets very blocked up :S Im rather confused, any ...

 help please....?
since last october i have had mucus in my lungs and it would be like a roller coaster. one month i would cough alittle and next alot and mucus would come out and its gross. i went to the doctor and ...

 have a problem!!!!!?
i have really bad congestion, but for the past 2 and a half days it feels like its hard 2 breathe but i'm getting enough air and everything but it just feels really awkward, and i can't ...

 If I feel like I am getting a sinus infection, which kind of doctor should I go see?
I have a regular doc. but I haven't seen him like is 5 years and i really dont get sick that often so I'm not sure which kind of doc. I should visit on Monday to make sure everything is ok ...

 Does Zyrtec make you real sleepy?
I was prescribed a store brand of Zyrtec for my boys. They are going to school and work and I want to know if the stuff makes you real drowsy or just a little?...

 I recently found out I develop allergies from eating dried cherries and mangoes.?
My allergic reactions lasted for about four hours. I don't know what to do and take to relieve it, it was very uncomfortable. I am already 26 years old and I haven't experienced being ...

 Hey - alergic reaction ? ?
Hey , I dont usally wear make-up but I wanted to yesterday.But now , this morning My face is really blotchy! its soo rough and red its horrific! It happened before when I used a perfume I was alergic ...

 how do i tell if its a cold or alergies?

 Can doing a detox or cleanse reverse food allergies?
I'm starting a long term (3 month) detox which is designed to wean you off unhealthy food and get you to start eating healthy alternatives. I was wondering if eating healthy for a long period of ...

 I need to clean the house today, but I will get a sneezing fit afterward...?
..that won't go away for days! It comes like a two day cold except I won't be tired or feverish, I'll just be sneezing constantly.
Is there any way to prevent this?!
I'm ...

 If I am getting a minor case of hives from an antibiotic, should I keep taking it?
I got a small burn and it wasn't healing right so my doctor gave me an antibiotic just in case there was an underlying infection. I have been taking it for a couple of days and it has given me a ...

 what is the disease results from the unability to produce the enzume g6pd?

 i got headache while i was going to the seashores.why?do i need to take any medicine?

 What elevation do dust mites die at?

 forming a soft waxy or soft plasticky appearing solid in throat?
For about 6 months now I have begun forming a soft waxy or soft plasticky appearing solid mass of gunk that eventually will drop out of my eustation tube into my mouth/throat (I think, from the ...

 does anyone know of any parabens formaldehyde and perfume free products?
i am allergic to:

parabens mix
quartanium 15.

I can find hair products that dont contain perfume, and i can find hair products ...

 For those with environmental allergies...?
My 10 month old has a few food allergies and at his last visit his allergist thought that he might be developing some environmental ones as well. We had started taking him for walks around teh ...

 I’m 64 years old, and having minor asthma. I have problem in hearing in my left ear, is there any cure?

Kristin B
is it bad to take 2 claritin or loratadine 10mg a day? my allergies are so bad sometimes i do.?

Yes, In adults, somnolence, tachycardia, and headache have been reported with overdoses greater than 10 mg with the Tablet formulation . Extrapyramidal signs and palpitations have been reported in children with overdoses of greater than 10 mg of CLARITIN Syrup. In the event of overdosage, general symptomatic and supportive measures should be instituted promptly and maintained for as long as necessary.

What are you allergic to? If the problem is air born-pollen, pet dander, mold etc-then take a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day. Local honey works with your body to build immunities to these irritants. Stay away from decongestants and antihistamines-they dry out your body causing sinus problems and, over time, possibly kidney deterioration because of the dehydration issue. Read the labels for the meds. They all say dry mouth-this means that the rest of your body is experiencing the same thing! You don't want dehydration problems. Like all herbal remedies, it will take a while to become completely effective but you will also notice that you get less cold and flu symptoms as the local honey takes effect.

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