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 what do you give a preemie when she allergic to everything and bleeds intestinally when she tries anyhting new
my baby is a preemie and is allergic to anything with cows milk or cows milk protiens is there anything to give her without trying all kinds of formula and upsetting her stomache any more or making ...

 is this a symptom of kitty allergies?
i have a small kitten about 10 weeks. after 2 months i had gotten a stuffy and runny nose. later it went away with some claritin. but then i developed tiny bumps , that turn red and itchy and later ...

 Do you have allergies?
allergies seem to be more and more common these days.......so I thought I would do a 'survey' to see if everyone here has some kind of allergy (and to what), and if their family and friends ...

 can i drink Expired milk?
is it okay to drink milk that had a sell by date that was ...

 What would happen if i ate 15 Kid gummy vitimans?

 What is a good detergent if you have sensitive skin?
I tend to break out in little bumps on my chest and back some what like a rash/white heads..doesnt look as bad is it sounds but it sure is annoying when you cant wear a shirt you want to wear! Also, ...

 What is the wierdset thing that you could be allergic to?

 What causes our nose to bleed?

 I've been sick since October 08?
I got sick in Oct with a bad 'chest cold' which turned into bronchitis. I was treated w/antibiotics which helped somewhat but now I am sick again, like a back to back cold, with green ...

 What's happening to my daughter?
My daughter has been wheezing for a couple of days, and the doctor said it wasn't serious. She's still wheezing, and I'm scared that she might have asthma. What should I do? How would I...

 What can be done if someone is allergic to latex?
In terms of contraceptives......

 I sneeze when i eat chocolate mousse and minty things and also when i drink wine. Is this an allergy?

 My girlfriend just got a cat that I'm allergic to! What should I do?

 Why do insect bites itch?
Specifically mosquito, flea and small spider ...

 I just slept in my new apt last night and today I have 5 big welts on my left arm. What allergy is this?
I woke up this morning and went to my dentist's appointment. When I got home, I noticed there were bumps on my arms. They are quarter sized now and I don't know what could be causing my ...

 am i allergic to milk.................?
everytime i drink milk in cereals etc, my bottom lip swells up a bit and becomes a bit bumpy, also sometimes when i swallow i can feel a lump in my throat. does this mean im alllergic to milk?...

 Alllergy Problems, Medicine Wont Work?
Ive been getting bad spring allergies for the past two years, I have runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, watery/red eyes, last year I took zyretc and it helped with everything, but now this year I take it ...

 If my niece is allergic to cotton, can she eat cotton candy?

 Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
So on new years the last thing my sis ate was popcorn and woke up with a rash then yesterday she ate popcorn again and got a rash a while later So can u be allergic to popcorn?...

 Is it bad to smoke when you first get a nose ring?
is it bad to smoke weed, blacks, cigarettes, etc during the healing process of a nose ring????...

i just got a dog. and when im around him. my skin gets itchy and my eyes itch 2 what can i take 2 prevent this?
what kind of pills i can take 2 prevent this

ur alergic 2 your dog

piratin tables

Benedryl or Claritin. :)

Dander is the biggest reason you are allergic to your dog. I am allergic to cats and clariton works grate for me. But to help With the problem make sure your dog is bathed regularly and they another little trick that might help is to wipe them down with a baby wipe when they come back inside. it can help remove any allergens that they bring in on there fur from outside.

go ask a pharmacist but if it doesn't help, go see a doctor or contact a homeopath (homeopaths are more natural and healthier for you but it takes longer) hope it helps :)

I used to have guiniapigs and they made my skin and my eyes itchy I took piriton and it worked great, make sure you wash your hands regulary coz it probz from the fur :)

You're obviously allergic. Benadryl might help you but you can't take that forever, every day.

alergy medicine as your doctor!


Diane S

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