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 OMG PLS HELP ME?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
okay. im allergic to mosquitoe bites .. since the begining of this summer iv'e been gtn bit.. ALL OVER. EVERYWHERE. im gonna go fkn crazy. i bought medicine anti itch relif .. ...

 My 10yr old daughter has a white spot inside her mouth,back in her throat near her tonsil,should she see a DR.
the white spot is just beyond her tonsil and there is only one spot in her mouth, she can feel it in her mouth, she says it feels like a piece of popcorn stuck in her throat. we currently are ...

 3 month old babys arms and legs swelling?
my baby is 3 months old yesteday my baby had a ear infection so the dr gave her a-mox-a-cill-in ..anibotic 1 teaspoon 2 times a day i gave it to her 1 time about 4pm.. then noticed about 2...

 Help, desperately dry skin and bad allergies?
So every winter I get really bad dry skin, mostly on my legs. I've tried mineral oil, kerry lotion, sunscreen (of various varieties), st. ive's moisturizer, vaseline, and a few others. The ...

 Does this mean I'm allergic to myself?
Many times when I sweat, I get hives where I'm sweaty. Also, sometimes, if my hair is down and is in my face, I get hives on my face....

 am i allergic to pineapple, kiwi, melon, avocado, and probly more ? lol?
my mouth and tongue always get itchy when i eat those fruits! oh and banana!!!...

 Am I allergic to milk?
Everytime I drink milk my nose is a little congested and I just don't feel all that great. I don't get an upset stomach but it's like it changes my mood. Could this be possible? N...

 if you have a fish allergy, can you take vitamins with fish in it?
I'm allergic to fish and my mom got me vitamins with fish in it. is it okay to take them....

 I just had 6 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, will I be ill or feel any discomfort?
I had 3x 1 cup of Hot Water with 2 Table Spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. So basically 6 Table Spoons with 3 Cups of Hot Water. A friend told me that it's amazing for a sore throat, but just now ...

 I think I'm having an allergic reaction?
I've never had an allergy problem. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary today. I've never even had a reaction to anything until now. My arms suddenly got extremely itchy, so ...

 CAUTION:*GROSS* Does anybody know why im finding black stuff on my mucus when i blow my nose?
Well a few days ago i had what i think was a "cold" i was sneezing like crazy and the next day i wasnt feeling too good. Ever since, (about 3 days) i been having a cough and when i blow my ...

 puppy's face is swollen?
My new puppy's face got swollen, I have no clue why....

 Is this an allergy????
Before going to university I got conjuctivitis.Or so i thought. My eyes were itching and very red, and I was given eye drops. Whilst still using the eye drops I went to university and after a few ...

 i have a hard time slepping?
hi i have been staying awake for the last 2 weeks cuz i was waiting for my birth day.tomarow is my birth day.i cant sleep no more cuz all those other days i have been staying ...

 Swollen Eyelid 2 days in a row?
Pretty gross, but night before last I was clipping my nails and one of the clippings flew in to my eye. I got it out, and washed the eye... but when I woke up yesterday my eye was very swollen. I ...

 When i wake up my eyelids are swollen and puffy. Some days are worse then others.?
By the middle of the day they are back to normal. This just started about 6 months ago....

 Best method for treating hay fever?
I am unfortunate enough to live in the grass pollen capital of the country and I am so so so miserable with hay fever every spring and summer, but this year has been the worst ever. I am going ...

 What makes milk chocolate gluten free?

 Can people be allergic to the cocnut fibers ,?
used with Russian Torts., bedding? This may sound silly, but i get sore lungs when mixing around the fibers, has anyone ever had this happen ? Thank You !!!...

 Is it normal to get a sore throat and cough from allergies?
I wake up severely coughing that leads to a large amount of saliva build up in my mouth. It is kind of scaring me with this swine flu out. Does seem like i may have symptoms? My temperature is 99.2 F...

funny smell in nose...?
My doctor long ago told me I have allergies I do not feel them thought. Since Saturday morning I have this funny/werid smell in my nose. Sometimes its stronger then others. Its their when I eat usually and sometimes when I don't. I dunno what to do. Saturday-monday was the strongest now it is getting weaker but sometimes still strong. Anyone know what doctor to go to? What is a sinus infection? I do not have a runny nose or stuffy nose or anything.

i have allergies, and last summer i had this not so nice smell coming from my nose. and it was raw inside. i went to my family dr. and they gave me this nasal spray. i had to use it once a day every morning. it cleared up but not for a good while. i don't remember the name of the spray though i do Know it had a blue cap. you could go to your local drug store and buy a nasal spray. That should do the trick. If not just visit your dr. its ok. just allergies. :-) hope i helped.

Jimmy R
Understand first of all the body is not a sterile thing and does not exist in a laboratory. Your body is going to have weird smells from time to time. To often to many people get overly excited about their bodies giving off smells and start imaging all sorts of embarrassing and socially disqualifying situations. Keep things in perspective and understand your body is organic matter and reacts to its environment in many ways. As long as you bath and maintain good diet, nutrition you have little to worry about. Its only when you neglect your body or you over obsess about things that you will have trouble. My advice is to leave things alone in your nose as it sounds as if their is an infection your body is fighting. Allow your body to fight infections as long as they can maintain this fight. Avoid the tendency to over clean, use antibiotics (medications) or go places with things you should not. Your body has a way of keeping things in check. To interrupt this natural cycle of your own bodies immune system or ability to do it on its own can have devastating results on your over all longevity. You can kill helpful bacteria in your body, or you can damage sensitive tissue and organs. Americans smell things and obsess over odors way more then they should. The perfume, deodorant and pharmaceutical companies love us for it. They make us believe that our own bodies are items of disgust and should be covered every way imaginable. It how they make money convincing us of this every way imaginable. How we every survived these thousands of years without deodorant. They could care less of the long term medical results. Again, do all that is reasonable and do not obsess over this. I work out at the gym at least 5 times a week. I am in close proximity to both men and women and its sort of a given that no one wears killer perfume or worries about how one another smells We all sweat and smell together. Of course we all bath at least daily I am sure of that. The point is that its just to difficult and time consuming for all of to actually think we live in some sterile environment devoid of all that is natural. Do I like to smell other smelly people, no. Do I understand the human condition, yes. Do we tolerate it, yes. Let things run their course and build you immunity to the world. I grew up when bee stings were common, dirt on your body was normal, and no one we knew had allergies. My mother and father knew that you had to eat a pound of dirt before you died and that you had to interact and suffer the consequences of nature in order to be stronger. I am of a ripe old age (no pun intended) and I have not spent one day in the hospital (overnight). Never had surgery or any major disease. Its amazing, because I spent 20 years in the Army (Infantry). Embrace the wonders of the world and begin with your own body.

Steven B
Go to your primary Care Doctor. You have a sinus infection.

xtina... sounds like it could be sinus infection.

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