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 Rabbit Allergy??
I just visited my Mothers friend. She smokes and Has a rabbit. While I was there It was hard to breathe, I was extremely tired, and I had watery eyes. Is this a rabbit allergy reaction or Just due to ...

 I am allergic to cats, help?
I am allergic to cats. If I am near one for longer than 15 minutes, or in a house that has cat hair and dandruff, my skin will break out and I will get really sick. I heard there is a kit I can buy ...

 Can alcohol cause nosebleeds.?
I had a nosebleed yesterday during the day. In the evening I sat down for a quiet drink and it started again? Is it the alcohol?...

 how can i tell if my runny nose is allergies or a cold?

 I have diarrhea at least once or twice a week. Could I have a food allergy? ?
Sometimes if I eat or drink something, sometimes soon after I get "stomach churns" and I have to run to the washroom. It's happened alot when I drink my latte's. Could this be ...

 My puppy has fever and very runny nose..What could this be?
He was vacinnated two days ago and neutered at the shelter Thursday when he was adopted..I am in panic mode..He is active and drinks and eats normally....

What is the difference between wheat-free and gluten-free? I know that gluten is a protein found in wheat, but if you are just allergic to wheat, should you stay away from barely, oats and anything ...

 Food allergy?
I used to eat bananas all the time and nothing ever happened but now when i eat a banana like 5 minutes after I eat it my stomach starts to hurt really bad and I throw it back up. Does this mean I ...

 Can I use asprin or ibuprofen (advil) for allergy symptoms?
I have mold in our home and nasal congestion and pressure near my nose area. We have several leaks in the roof and someone is actually up there now fixing it....

 Am I lactose intolerant?
Everytime i eat cheese i get cramps in my stomach n get gassy..when i drink milk i get this terible flem after n i also like cheese alot how can i eat it without getting these side effects?...

 My brother has swollen eyes?
i was wondering if someone could help because my brother has red eyes, and i think that to him they are itchy, but i was wondering what we could use to help ...

Is it possible to be allergic to raisons but not grapes? Honey and not sugar? Gherkins and not cucumbers? Just wondering :)...

 do allergy shots work and how long do u have to them till u feel a difference?

 Could I be allergic to alcohol?
When ever I drink my throut hurts for a few days after. Even just having one winecooler makes me suffer for days. My throut gets red and raw and it makes my gums hurt. Is this an allergic reaction ...

 what is the antidote to anti frezz if drunk?
if someone was to drink anti frezz what can you give them in order to keep them ...

 Is it weird to sneeze inside my shirt?
...instead of the normal crease of the elbow sneeze. Just wondering. My sneezes aren't oozing with mucus or anything, its just the normal saliva spray haha. If it is gonna be a nasty sneeze I ...

 How to unclog my nose?
I have had this stuffy nose for about 3 days and I'm really tired of only being able to breathe out of one nostril. oh by the way i'm 14. Anyway, when I blow my nose nothing comes out. Is ...

 I have an itch all over my body!?
I have had this itch since last last night. I think its an allergic reaction to fish but I'm not sure! Its really annoying and it basically just itches all over my body. Help! Could this be an ...

 how can i cure hives?

 how to get rid of the tinged(yellowness) out of my eyes?
there isn't anything wrong with my liver and i dont have hepititas i just have alergies and my alergies made my eyes yellow and a little redish. How do i make my eyes white ...

Would pepcid ac work for blushing?
This is kind of random but i was thinking if pepcid ac helps with "asian glow" would it make someone not blush?

wow, not really an answer, but makes me wonder/think good luck with quest

No, it's for heart burn or acid refux.

Gary B
No.Pepsid reduces tha amopunt of acid produces by the stomach, and oes not affect facial features or circulation.

No. Pepcid AC is used for heartburn relief and would work on acid production. Your "asian glow" comes from increased blood flow. The two are not related.


and what is asian glow? yes, it's random

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