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 Allergies to Morphine?
OK like a 2 months ago i figured out that im allergic to morphine. and i was wondering if there was anything that was common in something someone would consume in a day. ect.( Drinks, Food, anything ...

 From wher do we get water from nose, when we get cold,?
is it stored in brain head or wht actually causes to flow water from nose, how to stop relief restore, thnx in ...

 nasal problem/taste?
so for the past year or so iv been having trouble tasting because of some kind of "nasal drainage", its like i always have a tiny cold but i have never had allergies or anything like that ...

i have been sneezing and itching and then i get bumps that look and itch like mosquito bites!! this happend a coouple of days ago when i had barbeque sauce with a cheeseburger...now i got them again ...

 Do you have skin allergies?
I'm allergic to most deoderants, most lotions and flouride. They cause severe dermatitis....

 Bad allergies + Contact lenses = ?
I'm thinking of getting some theatrical lenses, but I have really bad allergies to just about everything.
The pills stop most of the problems, but sometimes my eyes get really itchy and ...

 allergies to olive trees?
I just found out im allergic to olive trees would this mean im allergic to olives as well?...

 How can I get rid of the annoying bumps on the back of my arms?

 lactose free baby milk powder in london?
Hi, Can anybody pls tell me which brand is the best for lactose free milk powder for my 10 mnth daughter. she is lactose and wheat intolerant. And where in London would it be available.


 Allergy to birds?
My sister and I have both found out that we are allergic to cats, although it isn't very serious. However, we would like to have a bird/birds. Will a bird cause allergic reactions in a ...

 on mi arm, just a bit above the elbow area, there is this white rash?
could this be execema, it use 2 be itchy, mi doc prescribed elidel but it made it worse now i am beggining 2 use urederm, it is whitish nd pinkish nd is impossible to get away. it looks a little bit ...

 What will help?
I have been told that I snore rather loudly. My fiance who sleeps with me every night says that I am real loud. My mother and sister who recenlty slept in the same room with me while out of town ...

 Allergies are driving me crazy -- can I go to the regular doctor for help?
I have never been on any perscription allergy medication and I've never been to an alergist ... but the last few months it has become clear to me that I have a problem.

I am ...

 How do I politely ask coworkers to stop using air fresheners?
I don't have asthma, but I have very harsh reactions to the spray air fresheners my coworkers use. The bathroom is right by my office door and every time someone uses it, it is sprayed. I keep ...

 my baby is allergic to something.she gets very sweaty with sudden flare of red angry skin,affecting trunk and?
neck only.she gets DISTRACTED DURING these episodes.my paediatrician says discoid eczema but she doesnt display any of those symptoms.im at wits ...

 I use allerest and flonase for my allergies and i use Benadryl at night to sleep,but my allergies still?
persist,i sneeze,have a very itchy throat ,eyes and inner ears,does anybody have any good suggestions?...

 could my health be related to the roaches??????
please see my last 2 questions. Do you think they could be related? Keep in mind I have allergies.......

 Do allergies cause bumps on ur lip like cold sores?

 how can i cure a cold?
i have a sutffy nose and an bad ...

 lactose allergies & pregnancy?
My wife is pregnant. I have an allergy to milk, will my baby be allergic & how does this affect her, should she stop eating milk products?...

Why is one nostril red inside, and inflammed and sore?
It seems to happen to me a couple times a year, and while I don't know of any allergies that I may have, I can't rule it out. Could it be allergies this time of year? The other nostril is just fine, but the affected nostril is just red on the inside (closest to the other nostril) and its sore and seems swollen a bit. It usually goes away after awhile but to help I always put vaseline inside the nostril. any suggestions as to what it is?

animals in the house is your problem Cats?

Too dry?

Perhaps you should consult an allergist or your gp.

It is probably just allergies, even if you haven't been diagnosed before. the allergen content has gotten so high the last few years it is affecting people who never had problems before. I get raw and red inside the left nostril too, about 4 times a year for a few weeks, then it heals. I notice that it happens when my nose is runny from hayfever. My Theory: it stays moist in there and so you wipe your nose alot and it gets raw and inflamed. If Vasaline helps, keep using it. Claritin or Flomax might help, you could talk to your dr about a scrip to use when it's very bad.

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