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 I need a really good humidifier my mans allergies are bad any suggestions?

 how can i get rid of my blocked nose ?
ok so i have a blocked nose . but i wanna c if theres any other way i can get rid of it without blowing it . LOL...

 I have really bad allergies, what else can I do other than taking Claritin?
I take 1 claritin tablet a day and it helps some but I still feel very stuffy, i have to use like 10 tissues a day and blow my nose and my eyes are watery....I feel like taking 10 tablest a day! I ...

 Is there dairy or gluten in mayo?
I'm dairy and gluten intolerant, so I have to be real careful about the ingredients I am ingesting....

 Are there any drug interactions between Zyrtec and other antihistamines?
I have taken Zyrtec for about 6 years for my allergies, but recently started having problems with them again. The pollen counts are rising in my area and I think I need something stronger.


 Can I have a cat, even with mild allergies?
I love cats, and when I was young my grandmother had an old cat that never gave me allergy problems, but we could never have one at home because my father was allergic. Around the age of 8, I began ...

 Do cats have any effect on ashtmatic people?
i want to know because i really want a cat but 2 of my siblings have asthma....

 Why do people breathe?
We shouldn't need to; at least by my opinion. I think that it's just another obstacle in life. For instance, swimming could be a lot easier.Sure, holding your breath contests might be ...

 so, i've been sick for more than three weeks now. eh?
anyways i have a lot of mucus in my throat.
got any suggestions?...

 Is it asthma or allergies?
For about 4 days now I have had a hard time breathing. the temp has been around 90 and the humidity has been really high, and there are all sorts of stuff in the air. So could I have asthma or is it ...

 Horrible cat allergies are trying to kill me..?
I have cat allergies, but i got my boyfriend a cat and was fine for over a week, now i'm horribly sick, have no voice, and my grandmother says i am at risk of my throat closing up if i stay ...

 Whenever I drink milk I feel sick. Any idea why?
Lately whenever I drink a glass of (2%) milk, I feel like I'm going to barf. I've kind of always been like this. Any idea why?

P.S. I'm just posting this in the allergy ...

 Is this an allergy or an intolerance?
If certain foods make you have tummy aches, and just uncomfortable. No hives, or throat closing up....

 1 year old with milk allergy although he's had normal formula for whole life?
When I swtiched my son from formula to vitamin D milk he broke out in a rash and was super crabby. (he didn't have any wheezing or swelling) But I still went ahead and switch him to soy milk. I&...

 I think that i may be allergic to chlorine?
ok, so when i get in to the chlorine(i;m a diver) my legs turn BRIGHT RED and itch uncrontrollably. I then get a rash/hives on my stomach/chest. it hurts and itches pretty bad. Then about an hour ...

 can you be allergic to cigarettes?
ive been smoking for 3 weeks and 3 days ago for the first time i had a unfiltered camel and my throat glands have been feeling really weird and it almost feels like everyday my throat keeps closing. ...

 Can you be allergic to generic brand medication and not namebrand?
I usually take Z-pac for swollen lymph nodes when they get real bad, but this time they gave me the generic version called Azithromycin, and on the third day of taking it I break out in rash rash on ...

 I ate chapstick.. will I die?
It tasted so good.. raspberry lemonade. now that ive consumed it, well .. it tastes disgusting. I feel horribly sick in my stomach like im going to throw up. right, ive learned my lesson.. but will i ...

 Can a child be allergic to a cat when both parents aren't?
My husband and I are NOT allergic to cats, but everytime our daughter gets near our cat her eyes are red and itchy...is this possible?...

 why am i always tired? my eyes get all watery, and i constantly yawn?
especially during classes.
and even when i sleep early like around 9:30pm i'll still be tired during the ...

§αΓα╟╢ ƒ. ツ
Why is it that you lose taste when your nose is really stuffed up?

I think it because when i smell stuff i can taste it in my mouth sometimes and when ur nose is stuff u can really smell or taste ur food.....so they are kinda connected in a way..

The taste buds in the mouth are the actual receptors than govern taste, but smell is also an important part of the sensation, of eating, as is temperature and texture. When your nose is stuffed it usually means you have a cold,your body needs foods that require less work to process. Thats why things like chicken soup are good when you,re sick, hot,easy to digest,nourishing and comforting too.

Woman of Curiosity
Because taste is 75% smell.

Because your mouth and nose work hand and hand!! If you can smaell it, you can taste it... Smelling plays an important part in tasting

Dr. L
the area responsible for odor detection is located high up in the nasal passage and when the nose is stuffed odor molecules can not get there.....

Jenny B
Something to do with the ollfactory glands for smell and taste buds are connected. One goes down the other is affected

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