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why shouldn't i take antihistimines if i have high blood pressure?...

 whats wrong with my eye?
there this gup coming out of it and when i woke up this morning my eye was practically glud together....

 My live-in maid has asthma and allergic rhin..My kids and me are coughing too often after her. she s very good
very good care-taker. Should I remove her for my kids ...

 please help me out?
Few Months ago, maybe 4-5 ,I became sick during the summer
season and because I have pollen allergy my nose became really staffy
and I couldn't breathe properly. So I went ...

 My eyes burn. Is it because I'm tired or because I'm sick? I do I stop it?

 Abusing nasal spray- how long to recover?
I have been using nasal spray for the past 3 months at least once a day, every day. I am not addicted to it or the effects, I just can't stand having a clogged nose. I have made the congestion ...

 Stress & Hives...help please??
I find myself breaking out in hives when I stress out. My lip swells up and the area around my eye swells up. Now I have this huge lump on my forehead. I know its stress, I cant even sleep because I ...

 Are Steroidal sprays (e.g., Rhinocort, Flonase) safe for longterm use?

 Could I be allergic to chewing gum?
Everytime I chew gum my nose itches badly for a good 10 to 15 minutes and it has been doing this for years. Is it a name for this allergic reaction?...

 Are there medical anti allergy approaches to desensitize a person who is allergic to a specific antibiotic?

 what are the stongest over-the-counter steroids?

 Clarinex: Take night before or in morning?
My question is this: I have a perscription for Clarinex, which is a perscription form of Claritin. With other allergy medicines I was told to take them the night before. With this one, the box has no ...

 Prenancy Allergies?
I was born with allergies to begin with and I never out grew them they just gotten not as bad over the years. I am 8 months prego and have them VERY bad especially at night. I started taking Benadryl ...

 Claritin causing hyperactivity?
I recently had to take my 6 yea old son off of Claritin (and all antihistamines) because they are making him hyperactive.

Has anyone else seen this reaction?

I talked to ...

 should you avoid using your food allergens on your skin through shampoo and soaps?
For example if your allergic to wheat and soy should you also avoid wheat and soy in your shampoo?...

 Why do we refrain from cold drinks when we have cough?

 Is asthma caused by pollution?
Here is an interesting article about it....

 what is non-seasonal sale?

 Allergy question?
When I get Allergies i get really tired all I want to do is sleep. Sometimes I sleep for more than 8 hours a day. If I could I would problably sleep even more. Can I do something to feel more ...

 Random question about having a runny nose?
Other than medicine and drinking lots of liquids...how else do you get rid of a runny nose quickly?...

Why does my nose itch when I get upset!???
Whenever I get mad/angry/annoyed my nose will begin to itch really bad inside like I have allergies. As soon as I calm down and no longer feel mad it goes away! It has always done this and I could never figure out why. Does this happen to anyone else??? And why might it be happening!?

ღGirly Gurlღ
Ask a dermatologist! I think that they probally know! Unfortunately I don't!

I go through that too. My theory on the itiching of my nose when I am mad/angry/annoyed/upset is that i don't want to hear the B. S. the person is about to tell me. I think the person may be lying and my nose can sense it.

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