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 how can I made my own eye drops?
For financial reasons, Im going be buying some eye drops that are STRONGER than I need. And I will need to dilute them somehow.

The only thing I can come up with is a needle or syringe ...

 Will epipen work for multiple bee stings?
I know that epipen is designed to prevent anaphylactic shock in people with allergies to bee stings but will it work if someone is allergic and gets multiple stings? For example if they get too ...

 Need to find a chapstick that I'm not allergic to. HELP!?
So I am in dire need of a chapstick that I'm not allergic to. The following I've used, and it's caused allergic reactions.

The original Burts Bee's Chapstick (...

 coughing, stuffy nose, sneezing?
i have been sick for about 3 or 4 days. i have mucus in my throat so i have been coughing it out. my nose keeps running and i sneeze every so often. i have headaches too. i have been taking mucinex ...

 What are the most sneezes in a row you have ever had?
How many sneezes in a sneezing attack is the most you have ever had. I am having a problem with wording this question. Do you count your sneezes?...

 Am i Allergic to alchohol????
i was drinking vodka(the bar) then at night i noticed that my back is soo itchy.its not like a normal itch.its painful.then i thought its from the medicine im taking at that time.then these couple ...

 Can dogs make allergies worse?
I got a new puppy 8 days ago and have had 4 allergy attacks since then. I am feeling quite a bit more stuffed up but hard to say if it is from the new guy or what is going on outside. The weather has ...

 How to stop a nose bleed?
got one now, get them alot, i know why, just need hints on how to get them to stop quickly, and whileyou are at it, how to clean blood off offf of my pillow case...............and keyboard

 Can't breathe out of my nose and sneeze a lot more than I used too?
I moved into a small apartment a year ago with my fiance, two dogs, and a cat. I have never shown allergies to animals and at first I thought it was the horrible pollen in my area at the beginning ...

 can rabbits drink milk?

 Cigarette smoke allergy?
So whenever I am around cigarette smoke my eyes get irritated. They usually get runny and itchy.

My mom is an occasional smoker (in the house) and my grandmother who I visit often smokes ...

 everytime its hot weather my son gets a very high temperature ?
whenever we have a hot day of weather my 2 year olds temperature go's up (39 +) he has very bad hayfever, could the two be related ?...

 I took nyquil and my face got all red and tight and hot?
I get this way when I drink some alcohol. But I just took some Nyquil and it did the same thing. My face will get really red and tight and hot. I will look like I have a sunburn. Just wondered ...

 penicillin allergy medic alert bracelet or not?
well i am severely allergic to penicillin and was just wondering if it's worth getting a medic alert bracelet or not?...

 Relief for Sore throat?
I have a sore throat, but it's not allergies, a cold, and there isn't any other symptoms. I need to cure it as soon as possible because I start a vocally intensive singing camp tomorrow! H...

 Help, why are my eyes always watering?
So, my eyes randomly started to water a lot about 2 months ago and it's been happening everyday, nonstop. I've tried not wearing eyeliner &&taking allergy medicine but nothing seems ...

 What could cause an adult to get choked on his food everytime he eats?
Everytime my dad eats food, (especially bread), he gets choked. Not just regular choked like when you need the heimlich, but the kind of choked where his food is almost lodged in his chest on it'...

 Do I have a problem if i sneeze more than 6 times a day at different times?
Just wondering if i have a disease or something like that....

 Am i allergic to chlorine?
Im 13 and i think i might be allergic to chlorine. My Doctor did tell me one time that i might be allergic to it. If i don't plug my nose when i go under water, my nose gets stopped up and i ...

 Strong allergy medication . . . ?
My mom said I could get a bunny, only if her allergies got better. We already have a cat and her allergies are really bad. She's tried taking medicine like Clartin and some others like that. I...

Why does my nose bleed in the shower?
For the past couple days I have been getting nose bleeds in the shower. 1 or 2 minutes after I get in my nose starts to bleed. This happened a couple times before like last year but stopped and now it is happening again. Is this normal or is there something wrong?

taking too hot showers? more heat = increase blood flow = break nasal membranes.

go to doctor if your scared.

it sounds like it has something to do with the climate this time of year

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