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 Anyone know of any restaraunts that have gluten free options? Any websites with a list of restaraunts?
I just found out that I'm a celiac and I want to try eating out (haven't in two years)...anyone know of any websites that might list safe restaraunts, or restaurants with gluten-free ...

 allergies to flea dirt?
I have a cat, who has terrible fleas (we're treating him, so don't bother telling me how it's cruel to just let him have fleas or how to get rid of them. He had them for a while and we ...

 What causes hives in the mouth?
For some reason I keep on gettin hives in my lips and in my gums inside my mouth. They come on suddenly with nothing making them happen. It just begins to itch , then a lil tingly, numbness then here ...

 Is there any such thing as an allergy to soft drink cans?
My grandmother can't drink from an aluminum can. If her lips contact the can, they swell up. Drinking from a straw, she's fine, so it's not the soda. Also, it doesn't affect ...

 I am appealing to all Rx's out there, my mother has come down with a condition where her hair has disappeared
She said that she experienced flaking and itching, she has used the same hair products for years. We are African American' she has had a curly permanent for over fifteen years, without change. S...

 Humidifier when it's already humid?
My 3.5 month old is congested. It is more than humid here right now due to record rain! At this point, would a humidifier even help, or would it be silly?...

 Alergies to fish!!!?
I have only now in my late 40's become allergic to fish. I realize that everyone is different, but would like to hear from others who may also be allergic. I know that I cannot eat fish or ...

 Corn or seed oil allergies?
Are corn or seed oil allergies treatable? If so, curable? Many foods have these contents, and it causes a lot of unwanted trouble. Also: how does a person develop these allergies if they were not ...

 is my chihuahua sick?
i just got my chihuahua today & he's a year old & i noticed that he's been sneezing a lot. his nose also feels dry. i was watching him sleep and also noticed his nose was a little ...

 I have allergy to dogs.?
I have allergy to dogs, is there a shot or something to take to stop my allergy?...

 Allergy Shots??
I have had allergies ever since i was small. I am allergic to any sort of animal hair or feathers, I'm slighty lactose intolerent, and I get seasonal allergies all year round. I dont want to ...

 Yorkies cause allergies? Good things about yorkies?
for all u ppl who say they do cause allergies,,,,, well....every were i go says they dont and my brother like i have said has allergies to cats and its not the siliva or anything like that i know its ...

 The antidepressent welbutrin, does that stuff work good?

 Hey everyone, I have an aussie with sensative skin.?
She is continually chewing on her back right above her tail. I changed her food to science diet for sensative skin.about 4 mon. ago and her coat looked a whole lot better and her chewing almost ...

 Is anyone allergic to the "allergy free" laundry detergents?
I have now tried 4 different allergy free detergents and seem to have some kind of reaction to all of them. Is there anyone else out there with this problem and how did you solve it? One caused dry ...

 Cow's milk allergy, Buffalo milk cheese ok?
Does anyone with a cows milk allergy know anything about buffalo cheese.

I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference between cows milk and buffalo milk, do they have the same ...

 Cost for Immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis-dust mite allergen?
I have been disturbed for bad breathing in my whole life by allergic rhinitis. Recently, I went to see a doctor and found it is allergic rhinitis, and the allergen is dust mite.

Now, I ve ...

 Is there anything that alleviates an itchy allergic reaction to cats?

 Can aluminium contact cause skin allergy?
If i wear eg. fashion accessories made of aluminium, can it cause skin allergy?...

 How do I reduce the puffiness around my eyes due to allergies?

Which lesions would youmost see in a child with scabies?
a macule, a papule, a bulla, lichenification, keloids?

wayne g
Tiny blisters similar in appearance to poison oak or poison
ivy. Extrema itching. When blisters brake a scab is formed.
Any place that is touched on the body will develop the
blisters as well. It is easily passed around by sharing things
like pencils, books, car door handles ect.
I don't know any of the medical terms listed above.
Hope that helps.

Southern Comfort
None of the above. Scabs from scratching the itch. Fine scabs that resemble a scrape from the constant rubbing itching and scratching.

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