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 coughing,sneezing thoat irratided?
hard to breath through ...

 does cough syrup really help a dog with kennel cough?
my dog is coughing and throwing up a little bit of ...

 I just found out that I'm allergic to the outdoors....?
camping is my favourite thing in the whole world. I had an allergy diagnostic test this past week and the results stated that I am allergic to every type of tree, grass, flower... I'm pretty ...

 What is sore eyes for toddler accompanied by rashes (red spots)?

 Why is it your nose runs when t's cold out and it solidifies when it's warm.?
Why is it your nose runs when t's cold out and it solidifies when it's warm, whereas most liquids are the opposite. It seems like it should freeze up in the winter, right?...

 I think i'm allergic to Medicated Chapstick?
The other day i used some of my brothers chapstick and i woke up wih my lips swollen with tiny itchy red bumps. I think it was either the chapstick or my brother...I look like plastic surgery gone ...

 my son is now allergic to soy - we used soy sauce for our mushrooms/chicken. Any suggestions for substitutes?

 What is wrong with me? HELP ME PLEASE?
Ok so here is what is going on: 1: My nose keeps bleeding 2: I keep feeling dizzy 3: I keep seeing white and blue dots/ "stars" 4: And when I woke up today, my eyes were puffy. But ...

 All of a sudden I get really bad allergies in my room?
When I'm in my room, I get horrible allergies. This has never happened to me before. How do I find what is causing the problem, and how do I fix it?...

 Do dust mice bite?
I think they do because I've been getting bit and no one else gets bit. And we have check for everything....

 I started taking antibiotics after a root canal and 2 days later had terrible flu symptoms. am i allergic?
I was achey all over and had a fever, stomach cramps, almost nonstop diahreah and was vomiting. I stopped taking the amoxicillin and within a day or two I felt fine again....

 Would I be considered lactose intolerant?
I always always get gas a little while, usually about an hour, after drinking milk. It only happens with milk though I've never had any problem with any other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ...

 Every time I drink even a little bit of alcohol, I get hot, dizzy, and a headache...?
Could I be allergic? And I mean, even a little bit...last night I had like 5 sips of a Heineken beer and I got dizzy...is this normal?...

 Epipen Reaction????
I have seafood allergies and was given the standard .3mg Epipen.... I was wondering if I was having an allergic reaction requiring an Epipen and I used it what would I feel..... Would I feel very ...

 Can you take multiple antihistamines at the same time?

 Anyone been stung by a scorpion?
1) Where (state, country) 2) How painful and what type of side effects?...

 is it possible to be mildly allergic?
ever since my cat came into the picture, SOMETIMES my throat would close up. nothing too big, i could breathe and on some days it would be light and some day it would itensify.. but never extreme. ...

 nose bleed?is this OK?, it has just started, could it be the weather?
How bad is it to get a nose bleed every day, I am not sure if this is bad, as it has just started to happen, I feel great, could it be the weather????...

 where not why where is snot from to get in your nose?
Where dose the snot that is in your nose come from when you have a cold ? how does it keep coming when you have blown and blown?not why you have it but how does it get in your nose?...

 Are there any other OTC medicines besides Benadryl that are an emergency treatment for an allergic reaction?
I discovered I was severely allergic to soy last year and still haven't gotten used to being conscious of reading labels. Thus, I am currently having an allergic reaction to Archer Farm Cinnamon ...

Whenever i eat anything, it tastes like i drank perfume. WHY?? I get a chemical taste and feel in my throat.?
The only thing that helps is gum. the first few bites of actual food are fine, but then everything tastes like it has been sprayed with perfume and i get a slight tingle/burn in the back of my throat. whats going on?

It could be something to do with your stomach producing too much acid, I had this problem before, but I had terrible cramps in my stomach and then that acidy taste in my mouth:( My doctor gave me gaviscon for mine so you could try that, if it doesn't go away just see a doctor about it :) x

Eating the desired food is crucial for your health. You can try supplementing your diet with acai berry, it's not solely a widely tested and acknowledged weight loss product, it's a superfood too. There is a risk free trial available at http://humolt.bigfoodplan.info I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it's definately having an effect!!

Did you put scented lotion on you neck or face? The other day my wife said my chin was dry so she put this girly lotion on my chin and for the rest of the day everything tasted like perfume.

I don't know but MAN, I AM SORRY!! Food tastes so damn gooood!

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