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 Where do you purchase Wasaour sheets in the United States?

 I am tasked to research on turkey allergy. I need to know its causes, medications, complications, & other info
I need answers for this query badly....

 My daughter has been diagnosed with wheat allergy. How long does it take for the body to clean up and improve?
It has been 2 weeks and so far the results are nor encouraging.
The muddy stools are still there and she is not gaining weight.
Is there something beside the wheat free diet to be done?

 Is a hepa filter or Dyson better for person with aversion to dust?

 swollen lips- half mooned shaped raised are on the left side of my cheek-left lip area more swollen-bug bite?
food allergy-didn't eat anything new-except, instead of raw spinach-boiled it or bug bite-woke up sweaty, nauseaus, headache,back hurt-took benadryl-no relief-took alleve -head and back better-...

 How to find e-mail address, phone number or postal address ofDr. Lincoln Little Linford of Mandevil?

 is the churg-straussb syndrom is a genetic disease or oder?
tell me about this disease is genetic or causese by othar thing?what causes this ...

 i'm trying to find medical experts inepherdine research where do i look?
ive been addicted to ephedrine since ive been 16 and i'm 26 now ..so in the 10 yrs ive my tolerance has went to be extreemly outragous as in taking 300 hundred ephedrine pills a day mentaly i ...

 new asthma studies?

 What could it be?? I'm so confused?
I've had a rash over my body for about 3 days. Right now, the itching has calm down alot. now my face is inflammed and bumpy and at times it gets sooo hot like it's on fire. I went to the ER...

 If it is rainy over the peak season for hayfever, will the peak just be delayed until it is sunny?

 Optional allergy treatments?
I have spring-time allergies to air-borne pollens- My parents call this condition hayfever (but I've been told by a doctor that it isn't technically hayfever)

When I was a kid, ...

 Anyone allergic to sulphites in fizzy and concentrated drinks.?
My daughter has an allergic reaction that makes her feel like her throat is swollen and she can't swallow/breathe. After a few minutes it wears off.
Just wondered how common this is, as ...

 Why do people get Cynus and whats the exact cure for Cynus.?

 i have been feeling cruddy for the last few days and..?
i have been feeling pretty crudy the last few days and my mom says it is just my sinus things ...

 Have you experienced an aspirin reaction when taking aspirin with maintenance drugs?
Maintenance drugs llike for diabetes, HBP, & high ...

 Calcim blood levels !?
my Dr is sending me to an endoconologist due to me last 2 blood tests showing 10.7 and 10.5. is this called for? the test for the hyper and hypo parathyroid tests both came back negative.

 I have a question regarding lactic acid?
I am lactose intolerant and can not eat creamy foods or any foods that have lactic acid in them. Why do certain foods contain lactic acid? I especially notice that pre-packaged foods contain them. W...

 does the Roaccutane affect the heart in any way?

 I am gluten intolerant. My doc prescribed TECA potassium chloride. Is there gluten in the excipients?
Is there a list of gluten-free RX drugs I can give to my pharmacist to help other people like me? What about mail-order RX? How do I prevent getting drugs that will make me ill from the gluten?...

What is the best over the counter medication for eczema in children?
My son is scratching himself to death. I have tried everything from hydrocortisone, oatmeal baths, lubriderm creams etc. I do not have medical insurance and cannot afford another trip to the doctor just for them to prescribe hydrocortisone cream that works for a few days and then he has another flare up.

My son also has AWFUL eczema and the BEST remedy is to go to a health food store and get COCONUT OIL. Use it twice a day for a few days and you will be AMAZED! It's the BEST!

Have you tried corn starch? it works>

Professor of Herbs
I use topical and oral applications of evening primrose on my son. EPO is one of the richest natural sources of the gamma-linolenic acid that your skin needs for proper function. And you should be able to find it at any health food store and some larger supermarkets. (EPO got me completely off steroids.)

Some people find that dietary changes help. Do a Yahoo search for "anti-inflammatory diets" and see what comes up. I don't actually notice that much of a difference but I know others who swear by it.

And I'm sure you've already tried things like switching laundry soaps and adding vinegar to your washing machine's rinse cycle.

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