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 Allergies are extremely bad this year, someone help please?
Since the start of spring, my nose has been running and stuffing constantly. Eyes are itchy and watery. Which is normal for spring allergies, but this year it seems to be a lot worse. I have ...

 Why does my nose bleed at random times?
So lately my nose has been bleeding.I've already had surgery before because of the same problem.My Doctor said that it will no longer bleed but it came back! Should I leave it or go back to the D...

 I don't know if I'm sick or if it's allergies?
Okay so the day before yesterday I was holding and playing with my friend's cat. But i totally forgot I was allergic to them, idk how, but I just forgot. Then after, I went back home and my ...

 How can I cure my hay fever?
I have such terrible hay fever that even allergy pills aren't effective. What else can I do?...

 could these be allergies?
I have a really itchy roof of my mouth. I sort of goes to the throat but mostly on the top of my mouth. I have been sneezing more recently and stuffy/runny nose. So i am wondering if the itchy ...

 What's the best home-ade remedy for seasonal allergies?
Watery eyes, runny nose but yet my nose is all stuffed up. I take Zyrtec D but not helping. Does anyone have any remedies that help them. Please help....

 can a doctor prescribe an OTC,such as genereic claritin-d?
if so, will my insurance pay for it?...

 What is the technical term for being allergic to nickel?

 Is there anyone else out there who is allergic to poultry or something equally as unlucky?
i have a fataly high intolerance for poultry. when i have soup with chicken broth, for three days i'll continually throw up, pass out, and my blood pressure will fluctuate until i get better. ...

 Does anyone know a good cure/treatment for poison oak?
I've tried calamine, dermadyl, etc. Doesn't work. I want this stuff to be GONE!! Any help...? T...

 What is good for the allergies?
My mom has allergies. She gets it every year this time of year. What is good for her to take so it can get better?...

 Is there any good allergy medicines?
I have some extreme allergies I get a stuffy nose everyday i wake up and i have to sometime brethe through my mouth while all day one of my nasal passages is completely blocked i can hardly breathe ...

 why doesn't my sister have a reaction to poison ivy?
my 12 year old sister took poison ivy, crushed it, then rubbed it all over her body. it's been about 15 hours...she's itching a little but nothing more..should we be worried?...

 Can u tell me whether this allergic or something else?
I have some rashes [red]big ones on the right side of my back...near to the hip and its itching badly.Its not spreading yet.I have been applying "equate"antiallergic with 1%hydrocortisone ...

 Do i have allergies? yes or no? is there any over the counter stuff for me ? im a kid?
ok so i wake up every morning with a soar throat no voice and stuffed nose . By 8:00 in the mroning im fine . Why is this happnenign?...

 I think i have a cold. plz help. :[?
I keep coughing non stop. This morning I had a head ache as if somone was banging m head with a hammer. and i keep sneezing i dont feel like i am going to puke though. if i tell my parents they will ...

 Should I go to school?
Well, it's been weeks. I caught this "cold" and is unable to breath through my nose at night. Sometimes, I breath with only one nostrils the whole day! I live in Malaysia and H1N1 ...

 funny smell in nose...?
My doctor long ago told me I have allergies I do not feel them thought. Since Saturday morning I have this funny/werid smell in my nose. Sometimes its stronger then others. Its their when I eat ...

 is this soy milk allergy?
ok so just a minute or 2 ago i drank a few small sips of vanilla soy milk. and right after i did i didnt feel good at my chest it was a very uncomfortable pressured feeling and my lip felt like it ...

 In dry weather, how can I keep my 7 year old Grandson's nose moist at night.?
He is waking up every hour because his little nose is so dry. Have tried a vaporizer in the room but it just can't get the dry out. We can't afford a humidifier and I'm at a loss....

What does it mean when your Nose starts to itch and won't stop?

it means you need to stop sniffing pepper, m'dear.

I dont know, i bowl and everytimeeeeeee im under pressure for school er something my nose starts to itch. I think it might just be a mind game.

answers smartass
it means you need to scratch your nose

It means your nose is itchy.

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