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I having allergic medicines for 3 years already. Nothing can be done....

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 I intern at a research laboratory and I'm REALLY allergic to the rats. And i'm stuck there for the next 2 year
Even if i get too close i get really itchy. If i touch them i get this rash thats almost itchy enough that i want to amputate it. I wear a lab coat, gloves, a surgical mask and i still get itchy. D...

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 Weird mouth allergy or something serious?
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 Benedryl and my dog?
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 I'm Allergic to Milk & Sunlight !?
Dude !
1. I was allergic to Milk which leads to stomach disturbance.
2. I’m allergic to Sunlight.
Exposed past (hand, neck, face) of my body skin swells & goes pink. Doctor said ...

 How to get rid of animal allergies?
My mom has a allergy to all animals, do you know any medicines or anything eles that can get rid of them. I really want to keeps pets, but I cant. She had this allergy for her whole entire life, she ...

 Am I probably allergic to cashmere if I'm allergic to....?
cats, llamas, rabbits? I feel like I'm probably allergic to more. If anyone knows what histamine causes all of these allergies and in which animals it is found, please tell me.

On ...

 What can I do to get my eye to stop watering? Its sinus and I took medicine but what can I do to mkae it stop?

 Allergic Reaction?
The right side of my face has red blotchy spots all over it, is it an allergic reaction? When will it go away? What should i do?



 Can long-term allergy bring on allergy to something else?
I have become increasingly allergic to my pet rats. At first it wasn't so bad, but now my nose gets runny and stuffy, and I sneeze, after only spending a few minutes with them. I have to sleep ...

 if you have any illness,pla start to drink ACV (apple cider vinegar)?
i started to drink ACV 2 months ago, and my heavy allergic, itchness( when i took the wrong food,) my joint pain, etc.......getting better and better......i really want to share this info for anyone ...

 Help! Rash!?
I've been trying to dry up an acidic rash i received after eating too much pineapple by not letting the area get wet. The rash is really oozing and is killing me from lack of moisture. What ...

Opera Diva
Solanine (Bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.) sensitivity?
Ok, this may end up being too medically technical for anyone to answer, but here goes.

I (and my mother and sister) have all realized fairly recently that Bell peppers cause us gastrointestinal distress. We all also have problems with caffiene in coffee, although green tea seems to be fine in small quantities.

Anyway, my question is: does anyone know some places to find out more information about solanine sensitivity, and maybe a list of foods that have solanine in them? I am seriously thinking about implementing a strict diet to get rid of all of the things that have solanine in order to try to get my body in good working order.

Hello Opera Diva :-)

A great book which clearly lists all of the food families and other allergy resources,is the Food Allergy Self help book by Marjorie HURT JONES.

Here is a table of the Solanaceae family

this family contains all food called "pepper"
(Not black pepper)
green pepper
hot pepper(sauce)
red pepper

Solanaceae species are often rich in alkaloids that can range in their toxicity to humans and animals from mildly irritating to fatal in small quantities.

Night shades are a major contributor to Arthritic pain and inflammation.And can be very irritating to sensitive individuals.

The dangers of the Tasty Deadly Night-Shades.
Dr. Norman Chillers, a professor of horticulture at Cook College in New Jersey who has worked with plants all his life, reported that regular consumption of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and bell peppers is a primary cause of arthritis. He noted that in arthritic patients symptoms of this potentially crippling disease go away usually in a period of several weeks to several months when they stop eating these foods.
Source: Norman Chillers, The and Health, N.J.: Horticulture Publications, 1977.
Dr. Jensen also found this to be the case. Night-shades are acid forming foods that will set up your body for a variety of disease states including cancer and arthritis.

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