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Norma R
My nose runs like a faucet ?
It seems to begin as soon as I start eating and I am wiping and blowing my nose through every single meal. It happens every time no matter what type of food I eat. Can anyone help find a cure?

nancy jo
drink more water and see your doctor.

You need to see a doctor to find out exactly what your allergies are.This is very important. Get checked quickly.

It could be pepper or other spices. I know when I eat an overspiced or a meal with pepper in it, I start sneezing so hard I can't breathe right. I've since given up up pepper,

Eating out's a challange, but you're careful with what you order you can eat something with only the tinest bit of pepper and be alright, Sometimes, when I'm out with friends, I'l eat the peppered thing, go to bathroom, sneeze my head off and return.

Sometimes an anti-histime taken an hour before pepper can help.


Ps, I don't have that reaction to green peppers, but do to red, yellow and of couse the black pepper that comes in grinders.

Food allergies are very rare and often life threatening. Minute amounts of an allergen can trigger a response in the body, flooding the blood with chemicals called "histamines' in response to a misperceived invasion. (This is why we take "anti-histamines" to combat allergic responses) In the case of an allergy to pollens, the site of response is mainly in the nose, sinuses and eyes. In the case of a food allergy,

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