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Lauren S
My ears and nose are stuffed up and my throat hurts?
Im a 13 year old girl...

My ears are stuffed up and hurt when I swallow
My nose is stuffed up and runny
My throat hurts and it hurts even worse when i swallow!
my head is a little stuffy too.

sometimes it feels like i cant breate so i have to breathe through my mouth.

Do you know what it might be?

and how can I make it go away fast without going to the doctor...cuz I really hate missing school.

oh yeah I feel a little dizzy too but I think that might just be from the fact that my head is stuffed up....

please help!

Fr R
Sounds like a common cold and sore throat.

Give it a few days, get plenty of rest and dont worry about it.

Avoid eating cold and sour drinks that will mke your throat worse. Most important thing is to get adequate rest.

I always drink lots of tea with honey and lemon (drop a halls cough drop in the cup) and chicken noodle soup. Rub Vaporub on your throat and chest. Wear longs sleeves, pants and a scarf. Bundle up under a big warm comforter. Take a nap, or do it before you lay down tonight. You are guaranteed to feel 5 times better in the morning!

Its Just A Cold Or The Flu You Have It Happens Too Me All The Time Its Nothing Serious But If You Are Still Uncertain Go too Your Doctor But Get An Appointment After School Hours

im not too sure i have the same problem....i went to the doctor. but i also had a history of asthma and thts just basically what they did for me was give me an inhaler. the lady asked if i felt dizzy and i told her no. maybe you just have a plan cold or something?...have you tried meds?

Morgan M
Its probably just a common cold. You need to see your doctor for the proper medication

OH i had that idk wat its called i missed 3 days of school did not go to the doctor. Take tylenol plus it is for nose and throat. Aldo try drinking some hot tea with honey in it,''

hope u get better! :)

answer mine?

Proud owner of a maltipoo
Try taking cough medicine,sudafed and airborne though usually Robutusin Cough Medicine will help.

xoxo babyy_gurrl
Was this happening for a while? Like, for years?
Sometimes that happens in the Winter....

Jan D
Sounds like you have the common cold. Try some theraflu or ginger tea, but talk to your parents first and ask them if you could visit your doctor.

You just have a cold or maybe a sinus infection. Take some cold medicine and get over it lol.

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