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 I've been home sick for three days, and my nose is stuffy then runny and my throat... is?
My throat is filled with mucus too. Everytime I cough it try to cough the mucus out. But it's everlasting. Besides salt and water what can I do to make it go away?...

 nasal congesion lasting 7 months +?
I am a 23 year old female. I have been congested (stuffy nose) for over 7 months now. At first I thought maybe I was getting a little cold. When I noticed that my cold meds were not working, i ...

 Allergies only at night?
I live in Orlando Florida and my allergies begin every year in January and end by March. They start _every_ night about 10 pm like clockwork and disappear by morning. They affect my eyes and nose. ...

 nose job and results?
i had a second nose job exactly two months ago and what the doctor did was he narrowed the bridge and added a cortilage to the tip and also fixed some internal breathing problems inside the nose ....

 Possible overdose on Promethazine and Codeine cough syrup?
I got confused and took 2 Tablespoons of Promethazine with Codeine cough syrup instead of 2 teaspoons do i need to call poison control or will i be okay?...

 What is the cause of severe allergies?
Peanut allergies, bea stings, eggs, fish
The seem to have a severe allergy in every 3 classrooms in a school.
Although my dad said when he was in elementary school and middle school, no one ...

 I have had a runny nose for a little over a week, just a runny nose nothing else. But whenever I blow my nose?
blood comes out. I thought u only had blood when ur nose was dried out. Is this ok? Sometimes it's a lot....

 My friend's mum thinks I should get an epi pen?
I have this bad allergy to wasps, which I inherited from my dad. I got stung a couple summers ago on my baby toe on my right foot and my foot swelled at least twice the size and it was red and really ...

 What sauces must I avoid, now that I have a cold?
Is mustard ok?...

 Allergies caused by cats?
I have been suffering allergies bad for months now. There are some stray cats that live under my house. could that be the cause? IDK if i'm allergic to them or not, never owned one. Just curious ...

 Can you be allergic to oranges even though you can drink orange juice?
I'm a bit careful with fruits because I'm already allergic to several fruits that I used to eat all the time. Now, is it possible that I can drink orange juice but am allergic to the fruit ...

 my daughter is 8 years old she is suffering from wheeze for 5 years we have conulted many doctors any solutioi?
is there any solution to ...

 My daughter is allergic to milk and soy but loves cheese is there any cheese that does not contain milk or soy?
She was just diagnosed with allergies to soy, milk, wheat, and egg ...

 i don't understand how allergy medicines work?
you know how on every allergy medication box it says it "temporarily" relieves allergy symptoms? would you have to take the allergy medications for the rest of your life (since you have ...

 clear water like runny nose, i can,t seem to get too the bottom off what's causing this too happen,?
sitting for long period off times, standing, bending over, outdoors walking my eyes begin too water aswell, but i,ve had skin cancer for the last 2 years ...

 Why do i always feel sick after drinking milk?
a couple of hours ago, i just had a glass of milk.
but now i feel really sicky and not right.
every time i drink milk this happens and i dont know why, please help ...

 Allergic reaction to an antibiotic or pain killer?
Does an Allergic reaction to an antibiotic or pain killer (Rash all over body for 24 hrs and swelling on face for 2 hrs) mean you have Weak or Poor Immune System?...

 allergic to acne face wash?????????????
ok so my dermatologist prescribed me the dermatologic cosmetic labratories b prox 10 wash for acne prone skin. i used it on my back and face as directed by my dermatologist, and now right under my ...

 celiac grandchild. wondering if wheat is killed off oven racks from the heat.?

 I dont know what to do?? i have hives everywhere??? someone help?
I never had this happen to me i never knew i would me allergic to something... it all started to get all over on my hands and arms now there all over my a** sorry for the language.. what should i ...

Gella Mae
Loratadine! and allergic reactions.?
hey guys,

umm, ive taken a Loratadine tablet for my allergy but when i woke
up this morning i could barely open my eyes!? (well i could but it didnt feel right)
i think i might have scratched it during the night .. ? Does anyone know
what i can do to end my allergic reactions (redness on face, itchy eyes, puffy eyes?)

PLEASE guys need help...lol. :)
thanks heapsz

by the way, shool starts soon, so im really desperate !?

You may be allergic to the medication or the ingredients. I'd say try cetirizine (Reactine) because its a different compound but do this only under adult supervision! Due to the nature of allergic reactions I'd say head on down to your nearest emergency room. I would stay away from laratadine as subsequent exposure to an allergen may cause more serious allergic responses. If the swelling goes away then talk to your doctor at the next check up (and still avoid loratadine). Good luck.

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