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Itchy after eating an apple?
Whenever I eat an apple, the roof of my mouth and throat feel itchy for a few minutes or so. Why is that? Am I allergic to them?

It is a local allergic reaction.If you want you can take a half a tablet of Piriton about 15 minutes before eating the apple.But does not it look ridiculous to take drugs before eating an apple and how can you always expect what you are going to eat.
The best thing is to ignore it as it does not bother you much.
But try to avoid the more sour varieties of apple

Yes, and that's where it has it's effect, no lower than where you've touched it and chewed it.

yeah, it probably means that you are allergic to apples (that seems very weird, to be allergic to apples)

I have many food allergies (pineapple, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, lemons/limes, and, yes, apples, just to name a few), and whenever I eat them, one of two things happens...

1. My tongue and the roof of my mouth itch.
2. My tongue and the roof of my mouth burn.

However, if I eat any of these fruits after they've been cooked or used in a pie, I have no reaction. You have a reaction to the acid in the fruit. I can eat a banana and have no reaction, but any acidic fruit causes a reaction.

I LOVE FRUIT, so it's hard for me to stay away from them, even though I have sense enough to know I'm going to have a reaction to them. I've learned to take Benadryl before I know I'm going to eat a fruit that I'm allergic to, and to eat a small quantity. I eat enough of the fruit to satisfy my craving and never go overboard with it.

I've also learned to try to eat dried fruit instead of fresh fruit. It's basically the same taste, but it doesn't bother me.

Good luck, Sweet.

This is called oral allergy syndrome. It is linked with pollen allergies. An allergy to apple is associated with birch tree pollen allergy. I used to be allergic to nearly all raw fruits and vegetables. I went to an allergist and had desensitation shots for my pollen allergies. After being on the shots for five years, my allergies to raw fruits and vegetables went away!

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