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 Is it okay to take 2 different allergy pills at the same time?
I have extremely bad allergies and I have Claritin D and Benidryl pills. Can I take both at the same time or will that be unhealthy or something? I'm 14....

 my outside cat is now inside on dry food and water yet hes been throwing up the past few days.?
past few days.hes been getting a little milk could that be it?...

 How do allergy shots work? can someone explain?
i have really bad allergies and i have to keep switching pills in order for them to work. So it would be great if somebody can give me information about them. How many times do you have to get them? A...

 allergy mask do they work?
first of all do allergy mask really work?
and do i need need different type of mask for different allergy? for example like mold and pollen?

i am allergic to almost every nasal ...

 i am allergic to latex will i have the same reaction to silicone?

 can spider bites be as big as mosquito bites?

 why would someone get a random nose bleed?
so for the past 2 days my nose randomly started bleeding but both times it has happened at night like 11:20ish pm. . .and i have no idea why it is happening. "/...

 am i allergic to penicillin?
i had surgery on my wisdom teeth yesterday they proscribed penicillin and vicodin around 10pm last night i took both of them as well as my regular celexa pill. i woke up feeling fine had my normal ...

 How do i avoid being sick?
so we have people renting our house. this salvadorian lady and her kid are caught the flu and my dad is getting sick because of them and i bearly started to feel a little funny from him? or maybe the ...

 How to get rid of a sore throat fast?
I need to get rid of a sore throat fast. Home remedies please....

 if i'm allergic to penicillin what antibiotics can i take?

 i feeling something tickleing my throat and it is making me cough,how can i get it to stop?

 How bad of an allergic reaction is this?
It feels like my air passage closes up some, it become hard to breath and my right side starts to feel like its itching inside.

But it never goes any further than that. Oh and the next day ...

 What if I get sick when I eat any fish?
Would that make me allergic or would it just make me sensitive? It's any fish and I have to go up stair lay down and sleep because of how sick I feel....

 Am I allergic to CHLORINE?!?!?
I'm a swimmer.
Recently I noticed that after I swim, I just have the ITCHIEST NOSE EVER
it can lasts the whole day. It's like a runny nose and I'm also sneezing!!

 Possible mayonnaise allergy?
For almost three years now, I've had severe negative reactions whenever I eat anything containing mayonnaise. If I've only eaten a little, usually the symptoms are migraine-like, but ...

 What colone to use if you suffer from Allergies?
What colone to use if you suffer from Allergies?...

 For those of you with severe allergies, when was the last time you had an anaphylactic shock?
And what happened? In depth. I would just like to know about it. :) Thanks....

 what medice helps me out with my runny nose?

 xiolocain ... can u get it over the counter?

Is it safe to take allegra 180 more than once a day?
I am taking Allegra 180. The effects seem to last me through the night (I take it before bed), but in the morning, the itchy-dry eyes and stuffy nose are back. I am considering taking the meds 2ice a day, but I don't want to OD on the stuff. Is it safe? Are there other choices?

***I would normally ask my Dr., but it is such a hassle to get an appt, I would rather suffer through the allergies than suffer through the appt making process.

I am not a doctor but I know I got a prescription for Reactine 360 mg (behind the counter).

I'm guessing that 2 x 180 mg won't kill you, but you should really ask a doctor. And be careful with that because soon your body will get use to double dosage and the pills won't work anymore.

Also, try to eliminate all allergenes in your house. ( use coton sheets, synthetic pillows, cover your mattress, etc)

(I hope this makes sense, english is not my first language)

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