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 what is the quickest way to stop a runny nose.?
what is the quickest and most effective way that will stop a runny nose. what do you suggest that works for you....

 Can you be allergic to cigarette smoke?
My mom smokes and the smoke really effects me.
It makes my throat swell up, I find it hard to talk (my talking gets all rough), and the top of my mouth gets really itchy and irritated.
I ...

 Is it okay if i feed my Kitten evp. milk with egg yolk an some karo syrup?
I have a kitten that is a couple weeks old and her mother died. I dont kno what to feed her, i looked up on the internet an it said that i can mix up some evp. milk with egg yolk and karo syrup. is ...

 can you be allergic to douching? can douching cause U.T.I.'S?

 Dental Problem - Can't eat or drink cold food?
From the last 3 to 4 months, I am suffering from teeth problem, can't eat or drink cold food. Even I have to warm salad to eat. I have been to the dentist 5 to 6 times, Took x-rays two - three ...

 Are you born with allergies or can they develop over time?
About 6 months ago, I started get rashes on my skin when I put perfume on. Some perfumes make my nose really itchy and stuffy.
I used to spray a whole bunch of perfume on me, and I would be fine,...

 Burning sensation in eye for 3 weeks, is this hay fever?
I have had birning sensation in eyes for 3-4 weeks now. I feel a bit tired.. and i feel slight itchy-dry kind of throat (like very slight soar throat.
I really want to get of the burning ...

 Teacher makes fun of me for sneezing in class?
I keep having sneezing fits at school. I don't have allergies I just sneeze a lot. Once I sneeze, I can't stop and I sneeze and sneeze my head off. It's really embarassing. But to make ...

 My premie baby was just diagnoised with a citrus allergy?
Has anyone else had to deal with this? What is the best baby food to give him?...

 Could the wheat germ oil in my cosmetics affect my gluten allergy?
I have a gluten allergy, coeliacs disease, and when I eat anything with gluten in it I get blinding headaches, nausea, black outs, fatigues and whole raft of mental problems.

But should I ...

 Is it possible to take something or do something to stop my nose from running ALL DAY!?
Its not funny anymore. It runs all the time, morning more then any other time.
But like ill be on a night out ill be tapping my nose with tissue every 30 seconds.
Ill be making tea and ill ...

 Sore throat and pregnant (allergic to honey)?
i have sore throat and i am ALLERGIC TO HONEY so cannot have that honey and lemon tea remedy everyone talks about and i cant gargle salt water is there anything else i can try?????

please ...

 am i allergic? please help?
i know how crazy this is gonna sound, but, every time i wash up, i get really itchy ankles!
and i mean EVERY TIME. i start scratching my ankles and just above my ankles really furiousley.

 numb tongue from eating grapes?
When I eat grapes my tongue gets numb, I want to know if this means I'm allergic to them....

 I know as a fact that alcohol, all by itself, acts as an antihistamine. Are there studies to give me balance?
I don't wish to drink at all, but so far nothing, and I mean nothing, has stopped me from breaking out in hives like shots of booze. I am suffering from an extreme allergy to dust mites (air ...

 Help with an Epipen????
Ok the doctor just told me that I need to carry my epipen everywhere, so do you no anyway to carry it comfortable, on hand. And so that its hidden, not like a pouch.

Help!!!!! T...

 Feel like I have somthing stuck in my throght, coughing alot?
I feel like I have somthing stuck in my through and it felt that way yesterday to, I have been sick just got almost over it, and I drink alot of tea if that is a problem. It feels like -not to be ...

 HELP !! Yellow jelly like substance from stool !?
So, the last couple of days i've been feeling the need to pass wind, as i do so, a yellow, jelly like substance comes with it. I wouldn't say I have eaten any different to usual. I had a ...

 Pregnant and suffering terribly with allergies. Does anyone know if there are any medications safe to take?
I suffer with a dust and dust mite allergy which has noticeably worsened of late quite possibly as a result of my pregnancy (which is nearing five months)

I am so uncomfortably runny-...

 What could be causing my eyes to be so sensitive to light?
I just woke up this morning and now they are painful and very sensitive to any light. I have the contacts that you wear for 30 days without taking them out, but my 30 days aren't up. Any ideas?...

Is count Chocula Gluten Free?
I cant find any info on the internet. Does anyone know if a celiac can eat count chocula.

Bobby K
No, Count Chocula isn't gluten-free. It is made by General Mills, who lists all of their gluten-free products at liveglutenfreely.com. The only gluten-free cereal they make is Chex.

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