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 I got an allergic reaction on my face?
i used a facial scrub and it burned like heck when i put it on so i quickly washed it off. and its been like 2 days and my face has continued to burn turn red and is peeling. and everytime i put ...

 I really have to sneeze but i cant!?
I really really have to sneeze and my nose tickles really bad! It's been like this for about 20 minutes and i tried looking at the light and it didnt help and then i sniffed some pepper but it ...

 can u determined if i got a common cold or allergies?
i have itchy eye, itchy throat, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, fever, runny nose and my throat ...

 zyrtec !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help TEN POINTS EASY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi i have allergic rhinitis , and my doctor put me on nasonex that was helping alot!!!!!! but then i started having a reaction were my nose burned when i used it so my doctor told me to stop use and ...

 What do the LIVESTRONG bracelet's mean?
I had gotten a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet from my aunt. My uncle had throat cancer and my family had gotten the LIVESTRONG bracelet's. I haven't taken my bracelet off since i got it. What ...

 Exceptions to Gluten-free diet?
I have been on a gluten free diet since July of 09, I started feeling very sick and constantly was having painful bowel movements. My friends and gf suggested that I stray away from gluten and see ...

 If you have black mold, how do tell?
Are there any symptoms of the mold? I need to know. My neighbor thinks they do, and I do too. Can it spread? How fast does it spread if it does? When do the symptoms start taking effect? Also, i need ...

 Does anyone know an effective way to get rid of severe eye allergies?
All my life I have had pollen, mold, and ragweed allergies, which makes me suffer come spring-time. I was diagnosed with chronic "somethingorother" which pretty much means I will have ...

 What can I do about my Allergies?
Alright so i have completely bad allergies.
my eyes are all crusty and when i wake up i have to pry them open, and they are extremely bloodshot and watering nonstop. Is there something I can do?...

 What is the most unusual thing to cause hives?
I used to be allergic to the smell of skunk. It made me break out in hives. What unusual thing makes you break out in hives?...

 When will Allegra be OTC?
Anyone know if Allegra will be otc. I have severe allergies and allegra is the only medicine that doesn't give me bad side effects. Both, Claritin and Zyrtec make me sleepy, zyrtec is worse....

 How do you fake a temporary rash? (red dots)?
I tried google but they gave me this- http://www.chacha.com/qu
But are there anymore ways?

Any more sensible tips like using a solution that can ...

 what do i have?????????????!?
this is long. when my parents go out or go to work or go down the street in a car i think they will get in a car reck and never come home! and when i go to sleep i worry about my family memebers ...

 Can epinephrine kill someone if they aren't having an allergic reaction?

 what is an dust mites?

 accidentally ingested nail polish remover?
i was doing my nails then a couple of hours later i was eating a burger and apparently i had nail polish remover on my nails
what does this mean
am i going to get sick and throw up or what<...

 How do you get rid of a clogged ear?
My left ear has been clogged up for several days now. And its hasn't cleared up by itself. And its starting to be really annoying to have a clogged up ear.
Is their any fast way I can ...

 if i'm not allergic to eating honey and cinnamon, can i be allergic to putting it on my face?

 What happens if you accidentally eat mold!! ?
Last night, I was going to sleep, and I was thirsty, so I grabbed a closed cup from my nightstand and drank from it since I thought it was water. It was the most disgusting thing I'd ever tasted,...

 OMG I think i'm allergic to berries?
everytime i eat strawberries or raspberries or anytime i drink fruit punch juice that has berries in the picture on the box, i get sick like stomach problems!!!! how can i find out if im allergic to ...

Is Almond Milk good for Lactose Intolerant People?
I'm extremely lactose intolerant, not just that, but I have terrible IBS.
I can't drink Soy milk, it literally kills my stomach, and I've tried rice milk and am...fairly okay with it..but after a while it also hurts my stomach. I was wondering if that Silk Almond Milk would be gentle on my stomach.
I used to be able to drink Soy Milk, but I'm not sure, why after a period of time of drinking it, it started making my IBS act up. So I drank Rice milk, same thing...
After a while it also made my stomach start up.
I love cereal..and all i've been able to eat for breakfast is a ham sandwich with lettuce (that's it!) >:(
I really want cereal again, and wanted to see how good is Almond milk.

Plz and Thank you.^^

Mark from HealthKeeper.net
Milk is not healthy, there is a reason why so many people are lactose intolerant. Our bodies aren't designed to digest milk and the fact that we can, doesn't make it healthy.

Almond and Soy milk are by far - much better, and not just for stomach ache.

All the best

yes, so is soy milk.

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