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 Can you be allergic to a latex and powder free gloves?
At my work we have the McKesson brand for vinyl exam gloves, it's latex free, powder free,non-sterile and amibdextrous. Whenever I put it on even for couple mins after taking it off my hand ...

 what trees are giving off the most pollen right now...i have asthma . trying to figure out which one culprit?
for the past few days I have been having trouble with my asthma yet the dr. says I'm fine and it is my allergies. lol I live amongst the trees and don't know them very well. I am new to ...

 HELP ME!! AH. ?????? Am i alergic to something or what!??!?
Uh, today and yesterday when I came in from outside I had like just random white dots all over the place and my hands were RED. The white dots looked like small blisters but didn't feel like it ...

 I have a sore throat and I cant talk very well...help!?
I have to sing tonight and on saturday. I have had a sore throat and a cough since monday and that's when I started losing my voice. I have tried gargling with salt, drinking hot tea, and cough ...

 I haven't been 'really' sick in 7 years, can cleaning a very dusty garage get you a cold?
I've been having symptoms of the cold, specially yesterday and today, but I can still function, I coudn't sleep that well (I don't take any medicines whatsoever not even advil unless I&...

 A dorito is stuck in my throat! lol?
while swallowing doritos a pain came from inside my neck/throat (guess i didnt chew it completely) and every time i swallow it feel like something is poking the inside of my neck/throat its ...

 omg i'm miserable it won't go away?
i'm 18 i have had rash yearly on the bends on my knees my whole life went to the dr once like ten years ago and he gave me steroids said it was some kind of allergy well when it came back this ...

 help; am i allergic to feathers or dust?
my house is extremely dusty and i have a feather duster, every time i try dusting i start sneezing uncontrollably, even when i haven't started dusting, i take the feather duster out of the ...

 Is it possible to be allergic too?
Dove soap. I was like 8 or 9 and I was at my grandmas and I used the dove soap and then after I got out of the shower, I was itchy.....IDK if I didnt wash it off good enough or I was allergic. IDK. B...

 Why are these foods making me sick?
These things have made me sick (without doubt) every time I have had them in the last few months... Is there a connection? Potatoes (cooked any way) Popcorn ANY kind of meat (including an egg) ANY...

 Am I allergic to fruit?
Whenever I eat bananas, kiwis, watermelon, honeydew melon, or several other fruits, my throat immediately starts getting extremely itchy and soar, my lips start to burn, and my gums and teeth begin ...

 how do you get codiene syrup?

 Am I lactose intolerant if I get diarrhea everytime I consume milk products?

 Testing Anti-Wrinkling creams?
Is there a way to test the effectiveness of anti-wrinkling creams in the laboratory, without actually using animals/humans? Please reply!...

 what is wrong with my eyes?
i think i could be allergic to chlorine. i went swimming at my friends house making sure i didnt go under the water so i didnt get my hair wet. through i was frequently splashed, that night i went to ...

 i vomited without a reason today morning?
Today morning i felt a bit nausea, then i ended up vomiting, m a 55 year old woman. Last nite i took some medicines for my toe pain...(muscular), which i normally do. TRAMADOL tablet with a ...

 natural remedy to combat sinus problem?
I am acutely sensitive to cold air conditioner,the effects are immediate and the colder the air the worse things are. This is followed by headache and running nostril, please help me out by giving ...

 why does my face turn bright red when im eating dirt?

 is it posebel to be alergic to root beer?
I like the taste of root beer but whenever I drink a can of root beer my stomach goes numb and i cant stop puking and i feel sick for the rest of the ...

 My grandson 5+(yr) have a chest congestion,sometime he have a nose blocked problem.We r in Bangalore.?
Pl. suggest some good home ...

If you ate raw chicken and got sick how long would it take to see symptoms?
and what would they be?

It sounds like you ate and then vomited (got sick), if that's the case maybe your body rejected the bad food and you might be o.k. If you would not have vomited and are feeling really bad, then there may be a concern.

Within a few hours.

Oli Uk
It would depend on the type of food poisoning - if the chicken was effectively poisonous because of previous baterial action it could be within 20min or less If the chicken were only the means to introduce harmful bacteria to your gut it could be 18hrs or more before you suffer badly The symptoms could include nausea, vomitting, high temperature, diahorea If you are healthy, you may get no ill effects from raw chicken and certainly nothing more than unpleasant If you have other health problems food poisoning can be fatal but only rarely http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Food-poisoning/Pages/Introduction.aspx

You'll be throwing up and most likely diarrhea, too. p.s. Won't take long.

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