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 what are the stongest over-the-counter steroids?

 Clarinex: Take night before or in morning?
My question is this: I have a perscription for Clarinex, which is a perscription form of Claritin. With other allergy medicines I was told to take them the night before. With this one, the box has no ...

 Prenancy Allergies?
I was born with allergies to begin with and I never out grew them they just gotten not as bad over the years. I am 8 months prego and have them VERY bad especially at night. I started taking Benadryl ...

 Claritin causing hyperactivity?
I recently had to take my 6 yea old son off of Claritin (and all antihistamines) because they are making him hyperactive.

Has anyone else seen this reaction?

I talked to ...

 should you avoid using your food allergens on your skin through shampoo and soaps?
For example if your allergic to wheat and soy should you also avoid wheat and soy in your shampoo?...

 Why do we refrain from cold drinks when we have cough?

 Is asthma caused by pollution?
Here is an interesting article about it....

 what is non-seasonal sale?

 Allergy question?
When I get Allergies i get really tired all I want to do is sleep. Sometimes I sleep for more than 8 hours a day. If I could I would problably sleep even more. Can I do something to feel more ...

 Random question about having a runny nose?
Other than medicine and drinking lots of liquids...how else do you get rid of a runny nose quickly?...

 My son has been continuiosly been blinking his eyes?
I'm not sure why he is blinking his eyes? He is 4 years old. He says they don't itch (allergies)? He's never had allergies before? He says he has to blink his eyes. I noticed he doesn&#...

 nose problems?
If my nose is infected can it go away on its own or do i really need to take antibiotics?...

 Can you drink Alcoholic beverages while on Tetracycline?

 Does anyone know what is probit yogurt and where to buy it?

 What's a good way to get rid of my sore throat?
Well, I have been taking Singular, and some throat strips, and gargling salt water has NEVER helped me ,I've found it COMPLETLY useless in the past. So do you have any other good ways?...

 Help with Allergies?
What is something that generally works for you when you are suffering from allergies and cannot access medication?...

 Meds and mask not working what is best way to move allergic to wood dust?

 Allergies! Can we still get a Chinchilla?
Hi. I would really like to buy a Chinchilla for my 16 year old daughter. The problem is, is that my son who lives in the same house as her, has moderate asthma. If she kept it in her room, which is ...

 Can you score negative to a scratch test and still have allergies?
I had a scratch test for 35 substances y'day morning about 10am. I had no reaction to anything, except the histamine marker. I went on about my day and about 3:00pm started hacking violently, my ...

 I tested highly positive for an onion allergy. Does this mean everything in the onion family?
I can't eat onions at all. I get a rash and have difficulty breathing when my throat tries to close....

If you are allergic to wool will you be allergic to Sheepskin?
I'm looking for ugg like boots. I found some that don't have wool lining, but it says sheepskin. Will I be allergic to them.

yup!:O) it's wool is sheep

No you'll be OK wool is more itchier I am allergic to wool I have sheepskin It doesn't bother me at all It's a different process It's not the sane a real wool Everyone is different The boots are not the same like the (itchier) blanket Just try the on and you'll know right away if it bothers you I have a pair of ugg boots they don't bother me at all I love them

Sheepskin is wool.


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