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 Anyone of what this could be?? take a look at my pics?
its only on my face area ...i dont use make up
and dont have anytype of acne ...dont know what to do! ;(

 Why is my eye so red?
This morning i woke up perfectly fine until three hours later my left eye started to hurt really bad it got super itchy so i started to rub it and now i have a straight line of red on my left eye i ...

 where can i get cough syrup with codeine without a prescription?
i need ...

 how do i get rid of a blocked nose?
i have had a one for 3 days is there anyway i can get rid of it?...

 I am allergic to cranberries, does that mean I allergic to all berries?

 my son has been sick for 2 months. He has a major stuffy nose and a cough. he hasnt ran a fever at all. he ha?
has been to the doctor about 3 or 4 times and they wouldn't give him any medicine @ first. then they gave him an antibiotic but it didnt affect him @ all. i have used nasal saline and a ...

 dust mites or bed bugs?
i have several red marks (like mosquito bites) around my stomach/abdomen area. They are not itchy at all and sometimes its painful when i touch them. i get it every morning when i wake up. there'...

 Can you give me a list of some common things people are allergic to?
This can range from food... pets... insects. Anything, please. But preferably food....

 how can i get rid of my poison ivy in a day (i need to!!)?

 Getting nosebleeds out of the blue?
Got a nosebleed second time this week. It's odd because I haven't gotten one before this for atleast 3 years. I have boiled eggs every morning,drink alot of coffee and I'm a chain ...

 why are my eyes always itchy and reddish?
I'm already using eyedrops, always feel irritated. Is there any natural remedy you can suggest?...

 Allergy stomach cramps..?
Ok, so for about 9 months to a year now, I have had stomach "cramps" every time I eat eggs, like hard boiled, cooked, etc. Even egg substitutes. About 5 hours after I ingest them, my ...

 Benadryl Allergy OVERDOSE??!?
Alrite so my brother got a allergy reaction around his eyes and on his eyes. So I gave him 2 capsules of Benadryll Allergy, and then thinking it has been 4 hours later i gave him 2 more capsules 2:30-...

 Does this sound like allergies or the common cold?
I have:

Itchy watery eyes
coughing (clear phlegm)
sore through
runny nose

does this sound like allergies or a cold?...

 Why do my ears tickle when I digest cardboard?
Whenever I eat cardboard, my ears tickle and itch something awful. Why is this?...

 Am I allergic to myself?

 Am I sick? I've sneezes 54 times today!!!! HELP!!!!?
I have no allergies and never get sick!...

 Am I allergic to latex?
Today at work I had to put on gloves (they were latex), and after a while my hands and arms started to tingle. It got very uncomfortable and it felt like my hands were going numb. Then while I was ...

 Can one be allergic to red rice?
I sometimes get a stomach ache after eating red rice, sometimes called Thai cargo rice. Any word of allergies or intolerance to this rice?...

 Am I allergic to milk?
I'm not talking about lactose intolerant.

I used to get severe exima-like rashes, but they went away when I stopped drinking milk for a while. And now I finally got milk and the ...

If I am allergic to almonds, can I drink almond milk?
I was wondering because somethings that are made with sunflower seed oil i'm not allergic to although i am allergic to sunflower seeds. I am just scared to try it. Any experience?????

Queen of the Dust Mites
you are allergic to a protein found in the nut. You should avoid almond milk!

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