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 Will sunflowers irritate hayfever?
My little brother just brought round a bunch of sunflowers, But my 8 month old daughter is suffering badly from hayfever (Theres nothing we can give her at this age either)
So, Will they ...

 the best way of getting rid of hay-fever?
i have hay-fever and it is really making me sneeze a lot and it is making my nose itch does any one now the best way of getting rid of that. ...

 I have allergies all of a sudden? im 17 and i have not ever had allergies, how is that possible? ive lived in?
the same place for like 10 years. Could it be something hereditary? my dad suffers from allergies and asthma. as my brother....

 Hi, Im a few months til 14 yrs old. I've had allergies all my life [annoying watery eyes, runny nose, etc] but
lately they've been REALLY bad. i've gotten them every month except december since september and theyre REALLY irritating. i used benadryl [doesnt help], claritin [depends], Nasonex [i sed ...

 is green mold on bread bad for you?

 How can I make my eyes stop itching?
I have seasonal allergies and they make the inside corner of my eyes so itchy.
I take allergy medicine but it only helps the sneezing & stuff and not the itchy eyes.
Is there anything I ...

 Is there a 'treatment' for coeliac disease other that gluten free diet??
Like natural therapies or herbalist type ...

 Would pollen make my throat itchy?
So I was out of town for about a month in a half, and their were those blossom trees like all around the town i was resorting in. So my throat would get itchy and hurt, my nose would get stuffed, my ...

 My throat is really sore and it has a few white spots it also my ears hert to?what could this be?
My throat herts sooo bad and my ears hert to.
i cant sleep at night. i have no clue what it can be has anyone ever had this?...

 Can you die from sneezing seven times in a row?

 My eye is a little red?
it tears up and this morning this eye was all wet but not the other

its a little red and i feel when the wind pass over my eye there a annoying little feeling in that eye and my eyelashes ...

 i am having wheeezing can u tel me how we can cure..wht should eat for tat........can we cure wheezing through?

 I have a clogged Nose?
Ok, so for 3 days my nose has been clogged. I have had mucinex pills, and claritin, and it has not helped at all. It's getting frustrating. I use to have allergies in the fall, but I haven'...

 My ear is blocked due to water went inside, how to clear it?
We went for swimming this afternoon. My husband was playing water with my daughter and accidentally the water splashed inside my ear.. it is blocked now? How to clear the water out???...

 my baby ate rat poison shes runing a 120 degres help what do i do?

 Why do allergies have to be so miserable?

 Toddler allergic to milk???
my 1 year old son is allergic to milk but hes been on milk base formula since hes been borned with no problem. how can this even be possible? i know hes allergic for sure because i took him to the ...

 is it possible to be allergic to cover-up?
every time i put it on i get itchy skin on my face. no rash or anything just itchy.......

 Has hayfever season started?
I keep sneezing all.. And I mean all the time... >=[...

 My nose is stuffie and it is driving me crazzy! pleeeaaasssseeee help!!?
I have been using lotion and regular tissues but they irritate my skin. Does anybody have good remedies for getting stuffy nose away or some thing good to wipe my nose on??...

I keep finding tiny bugs in my room. They aren't bed bugs or dust mites, what are they?
I keep finding these tiny bugs in my room. I have found them on my bed, on my wall, even crawling around on my floor. I washed my sheets and my blankets, I cleaned my room and under my bed and got rid of all the dust that I could. I even found some of them in the big piles of dust. I looked online, and I have come to rule out bed bugs and even dust mites. These are very tiny, and are black and brown stripped and have wings, though I have not seen them fly. Most I found have been dead, only two were crawling. Can someone please give me an idea as to what these could be, and how to get rid of them?! Any answers are very appreciated, I'm afraid to sleep in my own bed now! Thank you.

gnats? they're tiny & can come through screens in the window and through the doors

I find them in my house too! I have no idea whatsoever of what they are. I think I'm allergic to them too. They make me scratch (i'm an eczema sufferer) I have no idea what to do about them. I have a hunch that they only come around plants so if you have any in your house, get rid of them and see if it makes a difference.

Good Luck and Hope this helps!

I have the same problem! They are not everywhere but they are in my room, but I have noticed just about a handful of them in the past month. I notice they are mostly near the windowsill and are usually dead. But I was in my bed today and one just landed on me, like it was flying. I have no idea what they are or where they are coming from. I live in San Diego, CA so I'm not sure if the area has anything to do with it. I do leave my windows open at night for air, but I don't think they could fit through the screen. I really want to know what they are though too because bugs creep me out and I want to get rid of them.

Fruit flies?

Well, they're tiny so I wouldn't be afraid of them. It's hard to know what they are if we don't live in the same area as you. What state are you in?

What area do you live in? You could call an exterminator or even bring a sample to them so they could do an analysis.

hello there
no idea what it is...but you should be glad that it's not bed bugs. bed bugs literally ruin your life. :(

Like you said, see if the spray works...i hope it does.

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