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 spots again?
freederm works a treat but still i get spots, i think its the food i'm eating, something that triggers it off. is it possible some sort of infection in my blood stream can do this even if it ...

 Does this sound like i have an allergy to prawns or shrimps?
Last time i had a Prawn sandwich my face swelled up with itching, it spread mostly on my chin and towards my head, my mum thinks that i could be allergic to it, do you think thats what it could be. A...

 am i allergic to grass or mud?
hi i am 13 am i allergic to grass or mud every time i go and play with my football team i get all this really itchey red patches on my body mainley my arm snd my face. i thort it might be grass or ...

 Allergic to Alcohol?
Well it was a few years ago when I drank bucksfizz I found out I was allergic to it. I soon found out I am allergic to champange. A few weeks ago I tried some smirnoff ice and discovered im allergic ...

 could spots be caused by to much milk or milk products, especially yogurt?
Been getting a lot of spots lately and the only significant change in my life I can think of is that I have gotten a taste for drinkable yogurt and really really drink a lot. Any idea whether this ...

 what are my chances of developing a cat allergy in my 30's/40's?
my dad developed a cat allergy in his 30's. he was fine before that because he had cats until then. i'm 28yr. i've had cats of my own since i was 20yr. HUMPTY DUMPTY: that's ...

 Whats this stuff coming out my nose?
i keep getting pink gunge comin out my nose den it will bleed 4 1-2 mins. Have i got a disease? also, wen i cry, its a yellow colour! HELP...

 What is the lethal dose of Benadryl?
i have bad allergies and wanted to know if i took a couple bottles of it would i have to worry about dieing instead of it just taking away my ...

 Is there a way of preventing wasp stings? i'm allergic to them, yet i'm constantly being stung.?
Is my fear of them attractive to them or something.?...

 Hayfever solutions??????????????????????????
i suffer really really badly from hayfever runny nose. red watery eyes. you name it to do with hayfever and i get it. So.. can you help me come up with some solutions of how to stop the RED WATERY EY...

 is milk bar gluten free?
says MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF GLUTEN.. but does it?...

 what is the part connected to your nose cavity?

 Is an allergy classed as a 'medical condition'?
Or at least is it useful to mention it in a form asking you if you have a medical condition, and it's regarding a healing drug such as penicillin....

 Do fields of oil-seed-rape have an effect on you? make you cough, wheeze, sore throat etc.,?
heard about many people who suffer when they are near oil-seed- rape fields - whats your experience been? has anyone found anything that helps?...

 If you have Wheat Allergies can you eat recipes with Bicarbonate of Soda in them?
baking a cake for a friend who's got Wheat allergies x ...really don't want to kill her & I've put bicarbonate of soda in so im worried she won't be able to eat it! ...

 I love cherries but they make my throat itch and tickle! Why?? is it some kind of allergy?

 Help! Alergic reaction to face mask!?
Well I bought this face mask http://images.hediyedeni and when I peeled it off, my skin was fine, and I don't know if I washed my face properly afterwards or not, I ...

 Onions are my worst enemy!!!?
I have to cut 6 onions and i havent even managed to cut a full one yet!! My eyes are really stinging and i feel very lightheaded i can not even go into my kitchen without them affecting me!...

 Itching on arms and legs - I have had this for a few months now on and off?
It happens after a night out - at first i thought it was some cream/tan i was putting on my skin, i went to the doc and they said it was an allergic reaction to something - after this happening ...

 does anyone know any reason why your nose would bleed every mourning?
reason y im asking is that i just started dating this guy and iv stayed over a few times and every mourning his nose starts bleeding. i ask if hes ok but he just acts like nothing happens. should i ...

I get so so tired after eating? could it be food allergy?
When ever i eat things like bread, pasta, rice i get so so tired. within a minute or so after eating i get really bad headache and am so sleepy. this effects me at work, because i have to go toilet and just close my eyes for at least 10 minute. but i still dont feel any better unless i have a proper nap. in weekends after breakfast i have to go back to sleep, so the headache and sleepiness goes away - even when i had a good 9 hours sleep night before i really hate it, as am always tired. and i really struggle to stay awake, which then gives me chest pains as i have to stay awake when i shouldnt - i.e at work. i drink plenty of water and i do my exericse 3x weekly. am 24. am not diabetic or anything am aneamic and have low blood pressure. would it be what am eating? my typical food comsuption is morning - bread and boiled egg (i get extremely tired) afternoon at work - pasta, or sanwich (get extremely tired) supper - rice with different curry, i.e lentil, chicken etc. (i dont get tired as much) have fruits in between. i dont get effected when i have fruits

I would try avoiding the bread and pasta for a while and see if it gets better. Tiredness is a symptom of wheat allergies and that seems to be the common denominator here. That might not be it, but it won't hurt to try.

Gordon C
You get tired after eating as your body diverts blood from other organs ie the brain to help digest the food. The lack of blood in the brain causes you to feel tired.

It might be that you are having a reaction. But then, with so much energy going to digesting your food, a little sleepiness is normal. I see you're eating a lot of starches and carbohydrates. Try substituting something else for the bread and pasta, and add fruit and perhaps a bit more protein to your breakfast and lunch. Good luck!

i went throught the same problem u went through and u r right - note that the bread and sandwich and pasta always make u tired. basically ur body had developed an intolerance to these foods. i went to see a nutritionist who advised me to cut out all wheat from my diet for 3 months. it will be difficult to adjust but u wont believe how much energy u will regain when u stop eating wheat. so insteat of bread in the morning start havin oatmeal porriidge and substitute pasta with rice - there are loads of diet advise recipes on the sainsburys websiteif u r in the uk. also increase ur water intake! this will help alot with energy levels

Im not sure about the headaches but you become tired after eating because your body focuses on digesting the food. You seem to be getting EXTRA tired after eating. Maybe your body is working just a little bit harder than most?

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