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For people who can't eat dairy or eggs, what can you eat?
I just found out about 3 months ago that i was allergic to all dairy and extremly allergic to eggs. At the time i didn't realize how much those ingredients were in, but after some research, i found it's in everything-even soda! So, I don't know what i can and can't eat. If you have any tips or something that you do please share...I'm not sure what to do at the moment. Thanks

Fresh vegetables and fruits (organic are best)
Soy milk
Egg Beaters

I suggest you go to a bookstore and browse the cooking section. There are lots of books out on special "diets" for those who, like you, must avoid dairy and eggs in their diets.

Best wishes.

Monica H
I live on tofutti products!! They are WONDEFUL and you can't even tell the difference.

You can buy soy products - there is no lactose in it which is usually what people who can't have dairy are allergic too.
I tried soy milk though. It didn't have a bad taste, but it is definately not something I'd like to drink for the rest of my life.
Kind of like the medicine you can handle without throwing up, but it doesn't exactly taste good.

It's in soda, really? I am vegan, and I don't drink soda because I don't like it. I didn't know it contained eggs. I like tea, sparkling water, regular water, wine, and a few other beverages. I definitely recommend starting with filtered tap water as a basis for everyday beverages, and adding tea bags, lemons, limes, etc. for flavor.

I recommend checking out some vegan cookbooks from your local library, or looking for recipes on vegan sites. Here is one of many good ones:


While vegans will never knowingly eat eggs, there may be hidden, minute sources we are not aware of, since we are typically not allergic. Substitutes for eggs in baking include Ener-G egg replacer, "flax eggs" (flax seeds blended with a little water), soy yogurt, and bananas. The main substitute for eggs in omelettes, scrambled eggs, etc., is tofu.

i no wut you mean
here are some things

1) soy.. soy can replace milk in almost everything, it takes a while to get used to it but one you do its very good. you can get soy ice cream in every store, even starbucks has soy smoothies now (so glad!) (i almost died from milk when i was a baby)
plain soy milk can be used in anything that you use milk for + its alot healthier for you to.

2) rice milk) i dont actually drink it or use it but its an option

i dont know what to tell you about the eggs... i feel sorry for you though. but i hope i helped you

Stay strong =) !

lots of soda's have only sparkling water and and flavor and dont contain dairy products, try gatorade

Rebecca U
they're are all kinds of soy foods and substitutes for people who dont eat eggs or dairy. All i can suggest is to find the nearest vegan food store. =]

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome so I can't eat dairy either. I was surprised too what has dairy in it.
I eat mostly vegies
Red meat
Pasta (they make eggless kinds as well)
Orange Juice
Soymilk (silk is the best, and if you get chocolate it tastes exactly the same as milk. You won't even notice the difference).
Also there are somethings you can still eat and taste good:
Cake (egg substitute) instead of eggs are fine
Icing (duncan hines chocolate, and pillsbury vanilla uses only soy ingriedients)
Pancakes (krusteaz brand only uses water to reconstitute, no eggs or milk needed).
Soy Cream Cheese (you can buy this at whole foods or trader joe's)
Hot Chocolate (whole foods has non dairy)
Basically you can get a lot of stuff at Whole Foods (it's a food store by the way, I don't know if you know that or not). They have all allergy free products, big selection, and recipe guides also and dairy free and other allergy free shopping lists available on their site.

DON'T buy egg beaters. They have egg in them. Buy powdered egg replacer instead.

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