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 Am i allergic to ciggarettes? Please help!!!?
Ive been smoking for 5 years and only in the last 5 years have i been experiencing eye pain and sinus problems daily. Can you get allergic reactions from cigarrettes? Doctors dont understand! Went of ...

 Why is my eye red? Whats wrong with it?
My eye has been (for over a week) really blood shot on only half of my right eye. It doesn't itch its not dry or watery. I don't have pink eye and I've been putting eyedrops every morn ...

 Can a person be allergic to fruit?
My friend says she's allergic to blueberries but I'm not sure if it's possible....

 Would pepcid ac work for blushing?
This is kind of random but i was thinking if pepcid ac helps with "asian glow" would it make someone not blush?...

 ears are clogged???
i don't know what happened but my ears feel like they're clogged up and its really anoying, like i've haven't been on a plane simce like last summer. but i also use Q - tips, and ...

 Dry coughs for about 3 days now, how to rid them?
My throat is itching like crazy and I am coughing non-stop. I have tried some cough medicine and cough candies all day. Help?...

 Has anyone's child under gone sinus surgery?
My son has been having a lot of sinus/allergy/astham issues for the past couple of years in particular, and the pulmonary doctor even though confirmings his asthma diagnosis, said his biggest problem ...

 Is this allergies?
Sometimes my left ear seems to be clogged. I have to sniff really hard and then its okay. my hearing gets blocked unless i sniff REALLY REALLY hard and then i could heard again. its really annoying, ...

 what's wrong with me!?!?
Yesterday during lunch at school, I bought some fries at the cafeteria with some ketchup (I have NEVER had these before at the school's cafeteria). Then after I ate them I had a very itchy ...

 Itchy throat question?
I woke up this morning and I had a extremely itchy throat I have no freaking idea what it was. I got out of bed and went to my kitchen and all of a sudden it started to itch like something i have ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to french fries?
The last two times I ate french fries I got really sick, but we can't be sure they're what caused it. I'm not allergic to anything else that we know of, I think it may be the grease. ...

 How do i get rid of a simple cold?
So, I have stuffy & runny nose, and Im coughing & sore throat. Ive been taking medicine, and getting alot of rest. its not working. Any other ideas? Thanks but, Uhm Tea? Gross, & Honey &...

 I just started getting allergies last year? Is that possible if I've never had them before?
Is it possible to have allergies when your older in life? For the past year I've had chronic allergies? Could it be an over acting thryroid or something ??...

 What can you eat when you have food intolerance to wheat, barley, rye, garlic, ginger, AND rice?
A scratch test on the back showed up allergy or intolerance to ALL of these foods. I've looked at food that's gluten-free but a lot of it has rice as an alternative. Losing weight fast and ...

 Rabbit Allergy??
I just visited my Mothers friend. She smokes and Has a rabbit. While I was there It was hard to breathe, I was extremely tired, and I had watery eyes. Is this a rabbit allergy reaction or Just due to ...

 I am allergic to cats, help?
I am allergic to cats. If I am near one for longer than 15 minutes, or in a house that has cat hair and dandruff, my skin will break out and I will get really sick. I heard there is a kit I can buy ...

 Can alcohol cause nosebleeds.?
I had a nosebleed yesterday during the day. In the evening I sat down for a quiet drink and it started again? Is it the alcohol?...

 how can i tell if my runny nose is allergies or a cold?

 I have diarrhea at least once or twice a week. Could I have a food allergy? ?
Sometimes if I eat or drink something, sometimes soon after I get "stomach churns" and I have to run to the washroom. It's happened alot when I drink my latte's. Could this be ...

 My puppy has fever and very runny nose..What could this be?
He was vacinnated two days ago and neutered at the shelter Thursday when he was adopted..I am in panic mode..He is active and drinks and eats normally....

Dusty house can it make you sick?
I woke up this morning and my nose was runny and my throat wasn't sore but I continue coughing and sneezing. Is this a head cold or is it just sinus problems cause of the dust?

Vacuum, scrub. Kill dust mites by spraying wood floors and even carpet with hydrogen peroxide. Carpet is a BAD source of dust mites--I ripped all mine out. Make sure the furnace filter is changed EVERY 30 DAYS!!! Keep everything dust free--wash blankets a lot.

Crazy Advice
Yes! It can make you very sick!

Dust is composed of dirt, skin and hair follicles and other nasty stuff. Dust can cause allergies which can sometimes be severe. I have allergies to dust so I have to keep my house clean. The one good thing about it: I can't really dust or vacuum, so my boyfriend's in charge of those chores!

lets see a common cold pherhaps maybe you should know if your SICK? come on we all have dusty houses how am i supposed to know?

Van Bo
A dusty house can make you very sick, if it is so. There can be allergens, dust mites, mold and spores.

Dust mites cause allergic symptoms.

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