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 Breathing in yogurt all day- bad for someone with lactose intolerance? Can breathing it make you sick?
I work at a frozen yogurt place, I have lactose intolerance. I dont eat the yogurt but it smells really heavily of yogurt throughout the place, which is kept very clean and fresh. The past couple ...

 Allergy testings? PLEASE HELP!?
I went to the doctor with a sinus infection and sinus problem, unfortunately, i have t go get needles in my back or something to see what I am allergic to! Do you know if it hurts?...

 Is this Sinusitis (Sinus Infection)?
I don't exactly want to visit a doctor yet, but for the past few days, my cheeks have been hurting below my eyes and sometimes my temples. Then today I noticed it got worse. I woke up with ...

 Which antibody type is responsible for immediate allergic reactions?
Which antibody type is responsible for immediate allergic reactions?
a. IgE
b. IgM
c. IgD
d. IgG
e. IgA...

 I wake up every morning with a stuffy nose, sneezing, and red skin around my nose, what is this?
This has occurred ever since I have been young. It will go away after a few hours, but every morning when I wake up it is back again. At one point I thought it was allergies, but I never have an ...

 How come when your eyes burn your nose water, and when your nose burn your eyes water?

 This is a horrible answer its obvious theres a ingredient that the subject has an allergy to, likely gluten .?

 What kind of nasal spray and pills could i use if i have allergy?
Now i am sure i have allergy. I had been sick same time last year. I am sick 3 week already. Zyrtec doesn't help me and Benadril too. I use just Afrin nasal spray but friend told me that it is ...

 Will a medicine that causes an allergic reaction still be effective?
I always wondered this. For example, if a person is allergic to penicillin and they take a medicine that is penicillin based, will the antibiotic still kill off the infection (though there may be a ...

 After I stop taking my allergy medicine how long do I have to wait to take Benadryl?
I stopped taking my allergy medicine (Zyrtec) on Sunday when I got a cold. Since it's now Tuesday is it safe to take benadryl?...

 If i am having trouble breathing, is it asthma or allergies?
I feel short of breath after running one lap around the track. My legs are fine, and my doctor recommended a Bronchodilator test to see if i have asthma....

 I've got allergies... when to call a doc?
I've had allergy symptoms for about 2 days now, the worst being this morning. I woke up at 430AM with the worst headache of my life, my nose is congested and running, I took an aspiring at 5AM ...

 how do you cure a bad flemmy cough that lasts for a long time?
Ive had a bad cough for a 3 weeks now....it hasnt gotten worse or better and it is very flemmy. Ive taken a few cough medicines and tried different things but i cant get rid of it! I feel a lot of ...

 is it possible to not be allergic to chlorine for some years and then be allergic to it?
ok so lets say you were not allergic to chlorine but is it possible that one day u go into the pool and it turns out ur allergic even though u wr not allergic previous years ...

 Medications to help relieve allergy symptoms?
what are the best to use? i think i've tried benadryl and it doesnt help me a whole lot. anything that helps really well? i have coughing, sneezing, itchy nose and eyes, itchy throat...etc. ...

 Is there a medication that is good for people that are allergic to their own pets?

 Prescriptions for Allergies?
My allergies are acting up and Im having a hard time making my symptoms go away because medications like claritin and Zyrtec either don't work or happen to be causing some extreme drowsiness. I ...

 Kinda gross, but cold/allergies question?
Should I be worried the snot is bright yellow/very slightly green/brown.
Ew... gross. I know.
It doesn't feel sick or anything. Just very bright....

 A bit confusing, reason for it?
I have never had a problem eating dairy, as a kid I would go through loads of milk, yogurt, ect.
Last year I switched over to soya because I found it lighter and preferred the taste, I switched ...

 My girlfriend is allergic to my grandma's house?
Me and my girlfriend stay in the upstairs of my grandma's house when we visit. The upstairs is more of a renovated "A-top" attic. This house was probably built in the 50's (an ...

Does Zyrtec make you tired?
I have really bad allergies so my doctor put me on Zyrtec but I wondered if it makes you really tired?

it can. its good to use for like a week and then stop.


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