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 what dangers are in household mold & mildew?

 Do people get allergy by eating frog?
After i ate the frog that my mum cook my whole mouth was ...

 Can a chawawa take away my son's allergies?
I have heard from elders that the dog, chawawa can actually take allergies away from children. Has anyone tried this before? Did it work?...

 what does iodine have in it as ingredients? im allergic to seafood need to get a cat scan?

 Problems with sinus surgery?
Since my nasal surgery I have been having problems with my sense of smell. Sometimes it is very heightened to where I can't stand to smell other people, and other times I get smells stuck in my ...

 what is the the other stuff they use for a cat scan instead of iodine i'm allergic to iodine?

 kennel cough vs canine cough?
I have 3 chihuahua's and as normal they do the coughing and gagging due to their age and the common trachael problems chihuaha's get.
However, last week we adoped a dog from the pound. ...

Yesterday I ate pork, now for the first time in my life I´m sick with hives. What could be wrong? cause I have eaten pork for almost 30 years and never had these annoying things....

 Allergies or something else?
I had just laid down to go to bed in my freshly washed and dried bedding, I just bought new sheets and I don't know if they are the cause of my misery but this is what has happened. I lay down ...

 Do I have a milk allergy please help????
I have had an itchy nose for a s long as I can remember and that was the only apperant symtom so i let it go my doctor has told me to keep a food diary and I suspect its a milk allergy other symtoms ...

 Is This A Good Air Purifier?

 what is the meaning of 3 drops per orem?
my daughter is advised by her pedia to take 3 drops of cetirizine per orem at night......

 Has anyone developed an allergy to Soft Soap? My nose won't stop running?
the only thing I can think of is that I switched brands of soap recently to Soft Soap from liquid Dial....

 hot cold face mask for colds?
ok i have a cold. and i have this face mask that can be hot or cold...well i don't know wether to make it hot or cold...which one is better if u have a cold...please help me fast!...

 MOSQUITO ALLERGY. Those who know, please do answer. It's serious!?
If a mosquito bites my father, that certain part of body bitten by the mosquito gets swollen. It takes around 3 to 4 days to come back to normal. Our family doctor (after taking blood test etc) told ...

 What vitamin improves resistance to allergies?
I think I'm suffering from allergies. I'd like to suplement my diet with some vitamins and/or minerals to help resist allergies.

Any suggestions would be helpful....

 Can a sleep mask offer any kind of relief for eye allegies?
I have lots of allergies, especially in my eyes. Am mainly allergic to dust and dust mite. Will a sleep mask offer any kind of relief for these kinds of allergies. If so, what kind of material should ...

 chronic hives?
I have been told that I have chronic hives. Dr.s have me on alergy meds and an antiacid. The hives still come and go. Is there anything else that I can do to eliminate these irratating hives?...

 are homeopathy medicines good for hair fall problems.?
i have dry skin. are allopathy medicines better than homepathy medicines for hair....

 My Shih tzu has a runny nose?
Ive notice that my puppy has a runny nose and kinda sneezing alot.im not sure if hes sick or jus allergic.should i be taking him to the vet to get check up?...

Do you know the difference between adverse reaction,side effect and an allergy?

it all sounds the same to me

A true allergy, which you can find out with allergy tests, means that the worse case scenario is anaphalactic shock- your lungs closing up.

HOWEVER, those tests do not tell you whether or not you are sensitive. You can break out in hives from something and have a negative reaction on a skin test.

Many people show negative reactions to animals, but are in fact very sensitive to their hair and dander.

An adverse reaction could be an allergy or it could just be sensitivity. A side effect is a possible reaction to a drug; it may or may not be an allergy.

Adverse reactions are usually pretty serious. A side effect could be very mild or serious.

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