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 Is there a specific name for these allergies?
having like seasonal allergies, like being allergic to hay, plant pores, getting red itchy eyes from 'nature'?
is there a specific name for this?...

 I've had an allergic reaction...?
I've just used a face wipe that I'm not supposed to use and now my face has came out in a red rash and its burning quite a bit. I'm supposed to be going on a family day out today and ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to some dogs and not others?
i've had my black lab since i was about 8 years old and I (nor anyone in my family) have not had any problems. Now I've been watching my friends dog (a pitbull terrior mix) and keeping it ...

 I need some help with allergies.?
A few days ago I used Suave's Deodorant, and today when I looked in the mirror I saw my whole under arm was covered in red dots, along with a little of my back, and a few on my stomach, I know ...

 I'm wondering if this is an allergic reaction.?
Every once and a while usually after i eat i get really bad stomach pains and have to go #2 in the bathroom. Sometimes it is diaria and sometime not. But these times in the bathroom it usually ...

Idk what to do i cant take it anymore i havent slept well in months because my throat has been dry the only thing that seems to kinda work is chewing on gum and i tend to fall asleep with it and i ...

 my husband has a cat allergy How can I help him?
We just got an adorable kitten, my husband insisted we got him even though he has an allergy. We didn't know how he would feel but now 2 weeks in he is in a bad mood all the time, (my hubby ...

 2 questions about dust?
1. If I swallow house dust into my stomach can I get any bad diseases?
2. If house dust gets in my eye, can something bad happen to my eye?
I need serious anwsers please....

 How to get rid of a blocked nose?
I've had a blocked nose for probably around a year now, and i cant get rid of it. It feels like something is stuck in my nostril but its not to far up. I can't get it out by blowing my nose....

 trying to make gluten free, soy free, and peanut free cupcakes?
also the person im making it for said nothing "nutty"...

 How can I tell if my symptoms are caused by a cold or allergies?
I've started feeling nasty the last few days. Red, itchy eyes, sore throat, nasal congestion. The weed pollen count is high in my city; however, I am taking Claritin. Is there any sure way to ...

 what can a child with corn allergies eat?
My nephew has always had a soft stool but never any big reaction and we recently took him to the allergist and found that he has a corn allergy witch would explain the soft stool. The doc told us to ...

 when is allergy season?
im having what i think is an allergy attack, but i want to know if its allergy season. is it? or at least when is it?...

 Is lactose intolerance hereditary?
I have lactose intolerance, which seems to get worse as I get older. I just recently discovered that both my brother and sister also have the disorder, and my uncle thinks he might as well. That made ...

 Plz help how do unblock a blocked nose ???? And thankyou for helping?

 can i take 2 claritin pills a day?
i work in the orchards were there is allot of things in the tree that make me want to sneeze.
in the morning i take a pill and work fine but then when i finish working i get them back and i ...

 two benadryls and 3 cough syrup?
ive just taken two benadryl and 3 doses of cough syrup. what can i expect?...

 Asthma AND pet dander? Very scared... :'(?
I have asthma and a pet bird (parrotlet) that gives off dander. I can't take a deep breath easily now. I know my asthma is causing this but, What's happening? I'm really nervous. Can ...

 How comes mucus from nose drips down the back of my throat after i rinsed it out?
I have post nasal drip and I've had it for about 3 years, I've tried a range of methods from over the counter steroids spray, neti-pot, and herbal remedies. When i usually wash out my nose ...

 Claritin-D vs Zyrtec-D?
Which is better and what's the difference between the two? I've used Claritin-D several times and have really liked but, after talking to a friend of mine who also has terrible allergies ...

Could I be allergic to acrylic?
I love to get my nails professionally done. I usually get tips put on because I have such short nails. Lately, whenever I go, my cuticles begin to itch a lot about a day after I have my nails done. Today, I noticed that my thumb had developed some blisters with clear fluid. They dont hurt, but they still itch. Any suggestions? Could I be allergic?

Sounds like it.

Cammie Morgan
I bet that the salon you go to doesn't clean their equipment and your cuticles got infected (that's happened to me once). You could be allergic to acrylic but I highly doubt that. Make sure you take a break between each tip application.

I don't think you are allergic but you may have a mild nail fungus.

me bieng a person with allergies, i would say definatly you might be allergic. the only way to tell is to see an allergist. they will runs some test and see. or you could go to your family doctor and let him have a look at it. probably a cortizone cream will clear it up.

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