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Celiac test results came back abnormal?
I got tested for celiac disease and it came back abnormal, what does this mean??

Do not be afraid and do not dread life of gluten-free. I did at first and it's much better than being diagnosed with something life-threatening or with Crohn's, etc. But yes, they'll want to do an endoscopy to really diagnose if you have Celiac Disease and the endoscopy I agree is really nothing. The stuff they spray down your throat is really gross, but it's a medical procedure, it's not going to be completely great, but as soon as you say it's gross, you're knocked out so it's okay. A lot of supermarkets are opening their minds to gluten-free, keeping it basic with creating your own salads and adding whatever you want, cranberries, almonds, walnuts, cheese, apples, etc. Sweet potatoes are great. Dipping fruits in chocolate, gluten-free rice cakes and gluten-free granola. This is if you are Celiac. You will be alright.

My son has celiac disease and it might mean you tested positive for the disease. If you did, it is not life threatening and it can be controlled by eliminating all gluten from your diet. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and oats.

A doctor can test you using an endoscope. He/she will check your small intestine to see if there is damage due to the gluten protein.

Good luck


Serena T
It means that you could possibly have celiac disease. Celiac disease doesn't let your digestive system break down gluten... If you eat gluten your immune system responds by destroying villi in your intestines (They're the little finger like things that absorb nutrients) So over time a person would become malnourished if they continued to eat gluten.

Abnormal isn't good, but test results can be messed up sometimes. This is something that is normally tested a few times to make sure that it's diagnosed correctly. Usually 3 abnormal blood tests confirm it.

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