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 allergic reaction to marijuana?
i am 15 years old. I have been smoking marijuana on a regular basis (2-3 times a week)for about 10 months and have never had any problems with it. For the last 2 weeks i have been smoking once or ...

 I need to get rid of clogged up ears... WHAT DO I DO?
Caps on to get my question read by everbody. I need to unclog these ears. I have tried blowing my nose while holding my nostrils, usually works. I have tried yawning, gum, I want to feel better. Help ...

 Can you have a sinus headache without fever or congestion?
I've had headache pain between my eyes, the bridge of my nose, and sometimes under my eyes for 2 weeks now. It's every day and it seems like all it is there all day with just a couple hours ...

 Has anyone used their epipen before?
I used mine today for the first time and my leg is still burning in the spot the epipen was injected into. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is this normal? Also, there is a large bruise ...

 What's the best natural remedy for asthma?
I have two kids, 6 and 10 yrs old respectively, suffering from both bronchial and skin asthma. They've been treated with so much antihistamine. I want to try natural remedy....

 Is there such a thing as an allergy/sentivity to polyester?
Wherever I wear it, I feel like I'm suffocated....

 Is similasan for pink eye any good? If not what?
I think I have conjuctivitis but also allergies.I went to 3 ophtomologists and what they gave me ( drops) did not help. I dont know what to do anymore. I have redness, swelling :(...

 wut is the deall?? wiilll choose best answer.... like doctors or w/e only please... no guesses... i have ....?
ok, this morning, i woke up at my friends house {i stayed the night[duuh]}
at like 6:30 ... AM
i normally wake up around noon.. or later,,
anyways... i like could NOT breathe... this ...

 Food coming out your nose?
Ive had this happen to me 2 imes in my life once like 6 years ago i was in a store eating cheese nips and then poof it happend they started coming out my nose and i had to blow them out. The other ...

 why do people pick there nose?
I know lot of people that stand outside and pick away at there nose! why do people;e do that....

I take a Alvavert pill once in awile in the morning but my eyes still water very much and itch and i sneeze too.! ): So whats the point of even taking it??? Is there anything STRONGER and non-drowsy??...

 What vitamins can I take to help get rid of this cough, stuffy nose, and sore throat?
I have had this cough for about 2 weeks now and my nose is stuffy and running. Some times my nose doesn't drain, but mostly I have to CONSTANTLY wipe or blow my nose. I always seem to have to go ...

 When you're using saline spray for your nose, do you blow your nose right away or are you supposed to wait?
I hate the feeling of having to blow my nose right after i use the saline spray, so I blow my nose. I'm not sure if you're supposed to let it sit awhile for it to work....

 Are people who are allergic to cat hair always allergic to dog hair too?

 Um, what is considered "regular"?

 would it be possible for someone to be allergic to oxygen?

 Is it possible to not pick your nose?
This is a serious question I am asking not a joke. Is it possible to NEVER pick your nose? I mean we might not do this in public but is it possible not to do it at all?

Your initial ...

 I've been experiencing some problems of mold in my house. How do I get rid of it?

 PET ALLERGIES:Cat allergies?
My wife and I are empty nesters in our early 50's. Because of my blood pressure/anxiety problems we adopted a one year old male tuxedo (short hair) just one year go. He's strictly an inside ...

 should i go to school if i have a rash from an allergic reaction?
i didnt go to school yesterday because i had an allergic reaction to something but i dont know what and i had HUGE big red spots on my arms and legs and my mom gave me some benadryl i slept for like 4...

Can you be allergic to generic brand medication and not namebrand?
I usually take Z-pac for swollen lymph nodes when they get real bad, but this time they gave me the generic version called Azithromycin, and on the third day of taking it I break out in rash rash on my wrists and arm pits and waist? Any help here?

My g/f and I take the same blood pressure med. I take the generic but she can't tolerate that so she takes the name brand at a very higher cost,,:-)=

Xhasted Mom of 2
I would not be surprised that you developed an allergic reaction! I am getting to where I am forcing the insurance to allow me to buy brand name ever since I had a bad "trip" on generic percoset after a particularly brutal surgery. That was a very painful lesson for me because the generic did not work as effectively as the reaI stuff and I kept seeing and hearing aliens! It all stopped when I switched pain killers (which were brand name!!)! So no more generics for me!

Same as answer #1. Binders are different, as are dyes, and I have experienced a nauseating burn in my throat from a particular generic. In my case, the drug sold its name brand and generic is my only way to continue the medicine. My pharmacist special ordered a generic for me which had no obnoxious effects. Please check with your pharmacist about a different generic if you would like to save money.

Yes, my daughter can take most generics, but there are some that she had to take and she also had reactions. It's just like so many others meds, some can take something that will work and on another person they don't. But any kind of hives, etc. call your dr. Some allergy reactions can be serious, you don't want your throat closing up on you, so call your Dr. asap. Good Luck

Call your doctor.

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